My Meal Plan
I see a lot of bloggers posts about meal planning.  They are very organized and really focus on staying on that meal schedule.  I admire them.  I do not have their particular talent.  In fact, here is my meal plan:
Cut coupons. Go to store. Buy things on sale. Take it home. Let is sit on the counter for a few hours. Put it up.
One hour before dinnertime, remember it will be dinnertime soon, take out whatever I crammed in the freezer last.  Take advantage of defrost button on microwave.  Burn the edges.
Throw it in the pan, oven, pot.  Add salt.  Pray inspiration hits before I add pepper.
Serve it with gravy.

I Ran Away

I’d had enough yesterday.  The screaming, the disobeying, the back talk.  It was too much.  Even for me, who, apparently, leads by example!  Add to that my disappointed in having to cancel my Discovery Toys party at my house because my husband was supposed to be out of town – he wasn’t – and I was not in a good mood. 
So, I ran away.  I fed my family, thanked my husband for bathing the kids with no prompting, grabbed my bag and left.  I had no plan – even though I told my husband I needed pillows for Sarah, no destination, but knew I needed to run far, far, away.  Possibly for many, many, months on end. 
Or at least an hour.
I landed in the world of perfect stocking stuffers, the dollar store.  I strolled and gazed and cleared my mind.  Enjoying the peace and quiet – well, except for the woman cursing at her kids – kid you not – appalling – and found 29 items I HAD to have.  
I then hit Target.  I did get pillows for Sarah, but also found other fun things to spend my money on.  It was nice and I was sad to leave.  I love Target.
I got home about two hours after I left to two children up way passed their bedtime and a husband laying on the couch.  I sent him to bed and put the other two down and thought to myself, I should have run further…
One vs Three

When I signed my two older girls up for preschool, I was somewhat excited to have Friday’s with just Megan.  I imagined getting some rest, getting the house clean and having some peace and quiet for a few hours while she napped.  
I have discovered, again, that assumptions have a way of biting me in the keyster.
It is actually harder to take care of just her.  She needs constant attention since she does not have her older sisters to entertain her.  She is whiny, demanding, in my face and thinks nap time is optional.  Until we get in the car to get her sisters, of course.  
I love my time with her, I really do.  And I know that she is growing up way too fast, just as my others have, so I guess I should not complain.  
But if she could just take one nap, one Friday, any Friday, that would be great.