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Mini Mango Cakes with Cream Cheese Icing is amazing!

There seems to be a day for everything. National Doughnut Day, National Sandwich Day…. most of them pass obliviously as I just try to get through National Raise the Kids Day, which is everyday. But one day in particular makes me so happy that I choose to celebrate it every year. National Random Acts of Kindness day is February 17 and it is my kind of day. It is a day that gives us a chance to do something nice for someone just because. Give a compliment to a stranger; share a favorite book with a neighbor. Anything that shows kindness to anyone you meet that day! To celebrate and to do something for friends on a random day, I made Mini Mango Cakes with Homemade Cream Cheese icing!

mini Mango Cakes are easy to make and taste amazing

There is nothing more fun than someone doing something for you just to be kind. My neighbors are always pulling my trash cans in or checking on my dogs for me if I need to be gone overnight. Their random acts of kindness mean so much to me and I could not live my life without their help.

Tampico Mango punch make Mini Mango Cakes awesome

Years ago I discovered Tampico Juices. The kids and I love it for a refreshing drink. It is available in a myriad of flavors, like Mango Punch and Fruit Punch. I grab some every time I am at the store.

Choose your Tampico flavor for Mini Mango Cakes

Over the years I have discovered that it is a great addition to recipes as well. Especially fun cakes and desserts. It adds a fruit flavor without being overwhelming! So when I thought of making mini cakes for my neighbors, adding Tampico Mango Punch in was an easy choice!

Mini Mango Cakes make a perfect gift

Mini Mango Cakes Recipe for Random Acts of Kindness Day
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These refreshing Mini Mango Cakes are easy to make and even easier to eat!
  • Cake:
  • Box of white cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ cup Tampico Mango Punch
  • ¾ cup water
  • ¼ cup oil
  • *use ingredients on the box substituting ½ cup Mango Punch for the water
  • Icing
  • ½ package cream cheese (4 oz)
  • 2¼ cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp Tampico Mango Punch
  • ⅛ tspn vanilla
  • orange food coloring
  1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Make the cake mix according to instructions but add ½ cup Tampico Mango Punch instead of all the water. Put in pan with mini cakes and bake. Pull out when cooked and transfer to a rack to cool.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix all of the ingredients of the icing. Add powdered sugar to thicken, Tampico Mango Punch to thin. Add food coloring. Drizzle over the cakes, adding a dot of flavor in the middle. Serve

Mini Mango Cakes are made with the Homemade Cream Cheese Icing

These little cakes are so delicious and the addition of Tampico Mango Punch makes the flavor really pop! You can use any juice flavor you want to make them special to those you give them to!

Mini Mango Cakes are meant for sharing

When was the last time you had a refreshing glass of Tampico Juices?