Some mini posts I did this week that needed nothing else said, thus not allowing them to grow into adult blog posts!


All of my kids are sick.  I am now sick.  Curse the germs that infested those that I love and me.  Ruining play dates, school activities, work for me, and my ability to care about my chores.  Thank you for taking away playtime, catching my kids up with the TV I fought so hard to break them of, and mocking our acre that we purchased just so they had room to run.  I appreciate the clingy, whiney, non medicine takers that refuse to sleep, eat, or function like rational children.

Now that you have adequately done your job, ruined my week, and caused family miserableness, I’d like to ask you to go far, far away to not come back another day.

Don’t take it personally, everyone dislikes you.  It’s not just me.


Either Tuesday or Wednesday, I don’t remember which, I decided to clean the girl’s rooms.  Usually I do this once a week as most days, the girls clean their own rooms.  Not Megan, of course, but Katie and Sarah. And they do a pretty good job of it!

Anyway, sick little Katie drags herself in at one point and sees that I have cleaned her precious room.  She, much to my surprise, goes into hysterics!  She starts screaming – and coughing -, “I will clean my room!  You don’t clean my room!” and immediately starts dumping over buckets and bins I JUST sorted all of her toys in! I could not decide if I was angry that she just made a mess where I had cleaned or shocked at her reaction to not doing it herself!

So I told her, in a stern voice, that she was not to come out of her room until it was clean!

Guess what?

15 minutes later she emerges, red in the face and hacking.  I follow her to her room and it is CLEAN!!

I kiss her, tuck her in on the couch, and tell her I love her.

I’ll never clean her room again.

When she is home.


Sarah is addicted to Dora.  We are considering an intervention.

Not only is she now overly obsessed with watching her on TV – thanks sick germs – but she is also obsessed with wearing her, carrying her, playing with her and pretending to be her.

She MUST have on Dora panties at all times.  Except when she has to have a Dora pull up.  If she has pants or shorts on over her Dora panties, she constantly pulls them down to check to make sure her Dora panties are still on.

It is ridiculous.

She will only eat yogurt with Dora on it.  But only out of the pink cup.  She only reads Dora books.  She carries Boots and all of the other figurines around all day.  And no one else is allowed to touch them or look at them.  If they do, a screaming wail escapes her that could literally, break glass.

She has to sleep in her Dora nightie, with her Dora doll on her bed, and pray for Dora’s safety.

I am starting to think that she will be the future President of the “I am addicted to Dora” therapy group.


Megan has gone from my good sleeper to my worst sleeper.

She has gone from my guaranteed 3 hour a day napper to a fight to even get her to lay down.

I can blame her molars, all 4 at once.  I can blame her sick.  Or, I can blame myself.  For feeling sorry for her and picking her up when she starts to whine, putting her in my bed at night, and coddling her.  Because now, she does not nap.  And for the 3rd night in a row, she was up to the wee hours of the night, crying and wiggling until she was so exhausted she had no choice.

I don’t know how to reverse this trend.  I can let her cry it out, of course.  But that always makes me feel awful and she wakes the other two when she does.  But if I don’t get some sleep soon, I may put her on EBAY.  And nobody wants to see that.


And that is all she wrote…