One of my girls’ favorite things to do is color.  I love all of the activities Nickelodeon offers.  I was excited to find Mia and Me Coloring Pages on their site.  I knew my daughters would enjoy these once I printed them out.


What if you could go inside your favorite storybook? One ordinary girl is about to do just that in Nick Jr’s newest show, Mia and me! Upon arrival at boarding school, Mia receives a book and bracelet, which have the power to transport her to the magical storybook world of Centopia. Once there, she’s transformed into a beautiful flying elf with the ability to talk to unicorns. Now, with the help of her new friends, Mo and Yuko, Mia must set out to save the unicorns of Centopia from a greedy, evil queen!

Print these out now and let your kids get to know the newest character on the block!

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