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Meaningful Beauty Product Review #MeaningfulBeauty ad

In general, I, personally, still feel very young. I have good energy most days, a zeal for a fun and active life and keep up with the kids pretty well. Late last year, though, I noticed that my skin was starting to show signs of my 43 years. When people heard my age they no longer thought I was younger and worse, when they guessed it, they were spot on. I remember the days when people were shocked. So when I approached to give Cindy Crawford’s skin regimen, Meaningful Beauty, a try, I hoped I would return my skin to the youth I am still feeling inside!

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Meaningful Beauty Product Review #MeaningfulBeauty ad

I think we all have seen the commercials for Meaningful Beauty and have been curious. I mean, Cindy looks younger than me and I think she is almost 20 years my senior! Thing is, going online to actually order the products is hard. We all have that, ‘Yea, but she is a genetic marvel and supermodel!’ thought and convince ourselves that it won’t work for us.

So in the 6 weeks I have had the products, I have really stayed on task and tried to see if it does what it says. Because, as we know, just as what we put in our body matters, so does what we put on our skin! Skin needs to be fed on a daily basis too! The skincare we use should help keep your skin protected from damaging free radicals and harsh environmental factors. Feeding our skin the nutrients it needs plays an important part in helping that skin look healthy and resilient.

Meaningful Beauty is an easy way to get that nutrition to your skin that it needs so badly! As I have aged, I have noticed a lack of moisture – even with the most expensive products on the beauty aisle – and a dull look to my skin.  Meaningful Beauty’s task is to help my skin appear radiant again and youthful with ingredients designed to moisturize, protect, hydrate and rejuvenate.

Meaningful Beauty Product Review #MeaningfulBeauty ad

I will say that I so really like these products. They are far more lightweight and silky feeling than I anticipated. Unlike other products I have tried, I don’t feel like I am walking around with a thick skin full of pore clogging lotion all day. The Skin Softening Cleaner is really light, silky and smooth and washes away any dirt that I don’t see. With my face refreshed from the brush I got as a bonus gift, I feel like my skin is cleaner than it ever has been!

The morning routine of the Cleaner, the Antioxidant Day Cream, the Lifting Eye Creme and sometime use Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules is extremely easy to do. I am a lazy beauty kind of girl and I managed this routine with ease. Less than a  minute in the morning and evening gave me softer skin that definitely has more radiance to it. I round out the morning with the Skin Brightening Decollete and then add my make up right on top if I am wearing it that day.

Meaningful Beauty Product Review #MeaningfulBeauty ad

At night, the Cleaner, the Creme de Serum and the Lifting Eye Cream are all I have to deal with. I LOVE the Creme de Serum! It is so light and so silky that I feel like I am putting a beautiful veil over my face! It really is amazing how wonderful it feels on my skin.

In the beginning of using Meaningful beauty, my skin was definitely dry. But 6 weeks in, I notice a difference in how smooth my skin is, how bright it is and how moisturized it feels.  I really am impressed with the moisture that seems to last all day long!  Even through my tough CrossFit workouts!

But the most noticeable improvement so far is my eyes. They were starting to really get those bags and that tired look to them! Now I can see, in my before and after photos, a real improvement in the bagging under and the lift above! I could not see that until I compared the photos but it is a definite improvident!

Can you see improvements in the Before and After (yes, this is the same photo as above… I wanted you to really see the difference! I can see it, can you?)

Meaningful Beauty Product Review #MeaningfulBeauty ad

I will definitely continue to use Meaningful Beauty and look forward to continuing to see improved skin. I will order more when I run out because I don’t think I will ever be happy not having the Creme de Serum in my nighttime routine!

If you have skin that is betraying the young you still feel, give the Meaningful Beauty line a try. I am no where near running out of my supply and I have been faithful to it for 6 weeks. So it lasts! Come back and let me know what you think about it too!