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Aside from good nutrition, I think sleep is the most important thing we can give ourselves and our family. Sleep is so important to any person and can make or break a day in a heartbeat. Not only do I need a good night’s sleep, but my kids do too. In fact, when my kids don’t sleep, the days that follow are tough. I have always wondered how I sleep, too. Don’t we all? We wake up in the morning feeling great and then an hour in we are already tired again. But for those of us who workout and need to have sleep that also helps our bodies recover, the right mattress and tools to maximize sleep recovery are essential. With the REMFit SLEEP 300 series mattress and the REM-Fit Sleep Analyzer, we can all get a better night’s sleep every night, no matter how intense the workout and daily stress we deal with.

This soft, yet firm, sleep maximizing mattress is what your family needs to make their sleep work for them #remfit ad

You guys know that I lead an active lifestyle. Some days I feel like the only time I sit down is to type up something for work. And even with that, such as this post, I am up every few minutes with dishes, laundry, the dogs, the kids and anything else that causes me to be on the move all day long. Add to that my intense CrossFit workouts that kick my butt and make me feel like a champion every single time. Since starting Crossfit about 9 months ago, I have slept better than I ever have before. Since getting good exercise is essential to getting a good night’s sleep, it has helped me immensely. But it is not enough. I need to actually maximize my sleep recovery.

Sleep Recovery begins with the right tools. The REM-Fit 300 SLEEP helps your tired and worked out body recover while sleeping. #remfit ad

Check out this video on how to maximize sleep recovery:

Working out, and working out hard can really take a toll on our bodies. Getting good sleep and good sleep recovery keeps us on track with our workouts and helps us maximize the benefits of that workout too. REM-Fit and it’s line of products are specifically designed to help our bodies recover after an active day so that we can get up the next day and do it all again.

Keeping with your workout routine or keeping your kids with theirs is enhanced by good sleep. The REM-Fit 300 SLEEP system makes that sleep matter! #remfit ad

For my kids, who also lead the most active of lifestyles, with school, going to the gym with me, playing outside and always being on the move, sleep recovery is real for them too. So when  REM-Fit asked me if I wanted to test one of their mattresses to see just how much better sleep recovery their specially designed mattresses have, I happily ordered one for my oldest daughter. The truth is, though, that I wish I had ordered one for me. I slept on the REMFit SLEEP 300 series mattress while she was away at her dad’s over the weekend and my tired, workout body, slept like a rock. It was awesome!

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Here are some tips to maximize sleep recovery that can make REM-Fit work even better for you:

  • Keep Things Quiet – turn off that TV, the dinging on the cell phone and other noises that distract you through the night
  • Keep the Room Cool – I can not sleep without the fan on. But I also crank the temperature low so that I sleep better.
  • Exercise – It is just fact, and I am proof, that exercising can only help your sleep.
  • Choose the Right Sleep Products – Like the REMFit SLEEP 300 series mattress! It’s soft and firm, durable system helps keep you still and sleeping all night long.
  • Use Calming Scents – I have a bottle of lavender essential oils by my bed that seems to sooth me into sleep. Try those or humidifiers that release scents to help.
  • Track your SleepPoints – with the REM-Fit non-wearable, sleep tracker by Sleepace, I learned that I do move around a lot on my current mattress and that my breaths and heart rate changes too, interupting my sleep patterns and making my ‘good nights sleep’ not so good after all!

Here is a little more on the sleep monitor.

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor by Sleepace offers valuable data without having to wear it. #remfit ad

This creative and useful tool helps me monitor how I sleep without having to wear anything on my body. It’s simple design places the strap under the sheet, uses bluetooth technology to track and reports back to your smartphone the activities of your night’s sleep. To give you an indication of the effectiveness of the REM-Fit Sleep 300 mattress… one of the nights I spent on it gave me a 90 sleep score versus a 51 on a night on the mattress on my bed now.

While sleeping on my current mattress, I tossed and turned and did not sleep as well as I thought. #remfit ad

Get your REM-Fit SLEEP 300 mattress now to help maximize your recovery sleep for your active lifestyle. And then get the REM-Fit sleep monitor by Sleepace to track and learn about your sleep and how to maximize those precious hours that we let our bodies recover.

On the REM-Fit 300 SLEEP mattress, I tossed less and stayed in deeper, recovery sleep longer. #remfit ad

Getting better sleep makes your day, your workouts and your life better. We all know that. So make it a priority to make your sleep work for you!