**I received a massage for this review. No compensation was received and my opinions are my own.**

I have a somewhat stressful life, some would say. I am a single mom to three daughters, work from home on this business and have two pups that want to be treated like children. But really, I am in the happiest part of my life. However, when things get overwhelming, I can feel it fast in my body. At 41, I ache, tense up and have pain in my shoulders and lack sleep that helps me restore myself to mint condition. So, every once in a while, I need to relax. One of the best ways I find to do that in an hour or less is to get a professional massage from a reputable company like Massage Envy!

Massage Envy

I was lucky enough to be able to get a really good massage right before Christmas. I had been working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, had the kids end of year parties – did I mention I am home room mom too? – and just a ton to do and time ticking away. I could tell that my shoulders and neck were taking the brunt of the pressure and ‘just relaxing’ was not going to help.

I headed in, late as usual thanks to deadlines, and they ushered me in almost immediately. No sales pitch, no ‘sign up now or else!’, no pressure at all. I gave them my medical information, chose to have a deep pressure massage and was called almost instantly.

The rooms at Massage Envy are very clean, very professional and very relaxing. Tim, my masseur, came in and quietly went over my sheet with me. He noted that my carpel tunnel hampered my hands – so they would need some work – that my lower back and shoulders and neck were stressed and that I wanted the firmest massage I could handle. I knew I needed a lot. But he was very kind and agreed that a full body massage was necessary.

Massage Envy

Once his hands started working on my back, I relaxed and let myself enjoy the actions that were releasing  the healthy part of me and washing away the knots and strains that were causing my pain. He was patient, persistent on my really bad areas and, when he was done, I was disappointed it was over.

As I headed out, I stopped at the desk to see how I could add quality massages to my ‘Get Healthier’ initiative this year. They explained that for only $59 a month, I could have an hour massage once a month and additional services too. I thought that was very reasonable considering the restorative value I had just experienced.

Massage Envy

Head over to your local Massage Envy and check out all of their specials and get a massage yourself. It will motivate you to take care of yourself in the craziness of life, if only for an hour at a time!


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