I am not a ‘crafty’ person by nature. My sister is the creative one in the family. But I am still an appreciative person of pretty things and quality products. And one day, when I figure out how, I would love to make jewelry and more for my kids! So then Maruti Beads approached me to review their dazzling products, I was all over it!

Maruti Beads

The beads come individually wrapped in a plastic box and are easy to get out, match up for the design you want and use.

The pack I got was the multi pack that included Maruti Beads, Kashmiri Beads and Lac Beads.  To me, they are all just beautiful beads. But there are differences that are really cool to know.

Check out these beautiful bracelets too!

Lac beads are made from a mixture of Lac and marble powder, ornamented with silver plating, seed beads and rhinestones: detailed with metal elements, mirror chips and various embellishments…In short, Lac beads are highly valued individual work of art. And they are so pretty! I can see a beautiful necklace or bracelet being made out of these easily!

Kashmiri beads are made from a mix of marble powder and manufactured resin while the resin used in Lac beads is from a natural source. These are know as ‘Bollywood’ beads as well and are bright, exciting and a great addition to any craft!

Maruti Beads artistically blends the beauty of Kashmiri beads with silver plated side caps to culminate in a one of a kind creation exclusive to Maruti International. These handcrafted beads are just stunning. You could easily make a georgous bracelet at home for a fraction of the cost that would rival any store bought trinket!

Maruti Beads


All of these beautiful beads would add glamour to any jewelry piece, jeweled purse or bag or any other craft idea. I’ll have to give these to my sister and see what amazing pieces she can come up with!

Are you a crafter or jewelry maker? Do you children love to create fun things? Order your Maruti Beads and more online and start getting bejeweled today!


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