Yes, this is the digital age.  Yes, my kids play on tablets, computers and phones.  And yes, I encourage learning games.  But, sometimes, I want my kids to use their hands, their creativity and their own interaction with each other to come up with the best memories.

Manhattan Toys Imagine I Can

So when I saw that Manhattan Toy has an incredible thought process motivated toy line called Imagine I Can, I was all over it like a mom on a mission!

The Imagine I Can line is all about play by creativity.  With the ‘doing’ in mind, this toy line helps kids make fun things with their hands and imagination instead of having an app do it for them.  Now, as a mom, I think these are sometimes the best kinds of toys.  Especially on a rainy day when  all they want to do is watch TV or play video games.

Check out what The View Had to say about this fun line:

I received the super fun Imagine I Can Create  puppet (only $6 each!) and the Creative Color Sticker Clings and set my kids loose.  Now, my girls are all 6 and under so the puppeteers needed moms help putting them together.  But my 6 year old got to work on the clings and had a blast!  In fact, she came home from her dad’s house the other day and immediately wanted to do another cling.

Manhattan Toys Imagine I Can

The puppets were super easy and once they are put together, the kids can add the accessories and run around playing with each other.  Plus they are made of thick material so they don’t fall apart in the first five minutes. In fact, ours have lasted weeks!

The clings are super fun and easy too.  We had to learn to let one layer dry a little before doing another color but once they dried over the 12 hours, they were easy to pull off and stick anywhere!  Plus, unlike other toys, this craft comes with a TON of paint, so my daughter can make all the butterflies and smiles that she wants!

Manhattan Toys Imagine I Can

Also included in this fun line are Pet Rock Pals (remember Pet Rocks?), Sewing Kits and so much more!  Check out the entire Imagine I Can Line by Manhattan Toys and pick up some for your kids!