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My youngest was born 4 and a half years ago. By the time she came around, it was predetermined that I was having a c-section right at 38 weeks as my uterus, my previous c-sections and some other complications prevented anything else. It was just safer for me and the baby at the time. But when I was pregnant with my oldest 7 and a half years ago, I explored the options I had for pregnancy and birth providers. Sometimes I wonder if I would have had something other than the 21 hour labor, the excruciating, unnecessary pain and the emergency c-section that followed if I had used a Doula or Midwife during that time. Maybe not. I did get good, quality care. But I did not know where to turn to compare and choose nor did I really know what each one did and the benefits. Luckily, for moms having babies now, there is Mamaviews.com.


mamaviews.com Mamaview.com is a review and informational site for women who are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or who have infants to compare and learn about and area Doula, Baby Nurse and Lactation Consultant. In fact, when my oldest would not latch, I consulted a Lactation Consultant and she was amazing. She told me to relax and just be near my daughter and she would latch when she was ready. Sure enough, on her 6 week birthday, I was laying with her, full of hope and she latched on.

Having experts that you can compare and learn about through other moms real life experiences in invaluable. When it was time to pic a Childbirth Class I just went to the one at the Hospital. It was fine but I think I would have liked something less ‘medical’ and more in gear with what I dreamed of as my birth. Something calmer and more about relaxation and thinking it through rather than ‘we have meds if you need them’.


There are a lot of things to consider when you are thinking of having a baby. Reaching out to real moms who have had real experiences with people in your area can be invaluable. So if you are thinking of conceiving, are pregnant or are a new mom, check out Mamaviews.com first for honest, real reviews of those in your area that can help make it a smoother ride!

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