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It is COLD outside and I can not stand the cold!  I am always looking for ways to stay warm like never leaving my house.  But snce that is not an option at all, I turn to layering and jeans and all of the clothing that can keep me warm. 

But since I can not wear jeans every day – especially if I go out – I need affordable options that I can pick up anywhere.  A sure solution for a night out in a dress?  NEW No nonsense tights and leggings!  They are affordable, sylish and I can find them at most drugstores and retailer.  In fact, they are so affordable, I can afford more than one pair!

Check out the video below that sums this all up:

Just for fun, and for my red carpet premier at the Oz The Great and Powerful Event next month, I thought I would go shopping and put an outfit together on  I wanted something that I could wear some fashionable tights or leggings with and still be cute but warm!  I so wish I could wear this outfit!!  I know, a dream for sure.  Well except for the No nonsense stockings.  Those I could afford!

What I Would wear with No Nonsense Stocking

I am not the only one super excited about being able to pick up No nonsense tights and stockings at my retailer.  Jill Martin is the NEW ambassador for No nonsense and will be all over social media spreading t he word about how awesome these are and how to use them to maximize every outfit in your closet!  You might know her from Access Hollywood or her New York Times Best Selling style guide, 'I Have Nothing to Wear!'.  She'll be everywhere so watch out for her tips and ideas using No nonsense tights and leggings!!

In the meantime, pick up some New No nonsese at your local store and stay warm and styling all year long!

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