Craft by Beth & Tots

Mother’s Day crafting is always a fun event in our home and breaking out the paint means business for my Tots!  We found these plaster letters for 10 cents at the craft store, and having the other supplies on hand made this craft frugally fun! Get crafting with these simple directions and ideas for a Mother’s Day Magnet Craft!

Magnet Craft

If you cannot find the letters, here are some really neat plaster molds that would make great crafted gifts.

Direction from the Tots:

Paint your plaster letter. We chose M for Mom and decided to paint it blue because we also had blue glitter paint to put on the top.  We had to put a couple layers on to make sure that we did not miss any places.  We let it dry before painting again (applying other layers of paint, mom says).

Magnet Craft

After a couple coats of paint we decided to paint flowers on the “M” and mom helped us to make puff paint flowers.  Those were pretty simple, but it takes some practice.  You can use any color of paint that you want or even your mom’s favorite colors.  My sister and I both made a magnet, and so did my mom so that we could watch her.

Magnet Craft

Using puff paint, just paint on your design and allow to dry.  Add magnets to the back of the painted and dried letter.  These plaster letters are bit heavier than I anticipated, so make sure that you use heavy duty craft magnets and glue them securely with gorilla glue.

The best thing about crafting with children is watching their confidence grow as they finish each project. You do not need to invest a ton of money in creating the perfect gift for any occasion!  We often save plastic chip containers, frosting cans etc. and create neat projects using only things that we have on hand!  We love to keep an eye on the clearance section of our local superstores and discount stores to find anything that we can turn into a project!