Some things on the market are just FUN!  Like Hasbro’s NEW Magic Jinn Game!  Available Summer 2013, Magic Jinn tried to read your mind in a question and answer game that is fun for the whole family!

Magic Jinn Game

Add 3 AAA batteries to this seemingly simple ‘toy’ and watch the game take place.  Can you stump Jinn?

I wanted to see if it could choose Dinosaur as the animal I was thinking of.  It asked me if the animal had fur, claws, and more.  I would answer yes, no, maybe or I don’t know.  This must have been pretty easy because Magic Jinn got my animal in about 5 questions!

I will have to think to outsmart it, I think.

I then handed the Magic Jinn over to my kids.  And though this is a ton of fun for them, it does give them the the learning skills of cognitive thinking that is so important in their development.  My almost 7 year old was able to answer most of the questions and my 5 year old was too.  My 4 year old took a moment on a few but she really tried which is all that matters!

Magic Jinn

You can get all of the Magic Jinn games in stores and online this summer!  Pick yours up today and if you can stump it, come back and let me know!