Reflect to Protect- LunaTagz Review and GiveawayReflect to Protect- LunaTagz Review and Giveaway

As the nights are slowly getting cooler, our family has been thinking about how great it would be to start taking family walks in the evenings after dinner. It is a way for us all to get our end of the day wiggles out and be able to come home and have a good night of rest. The only thing I worry about is if we go out later at night, how can I keep my family safe and so that other people can see us when we are out? I have been looking at reflective stickers as one tool in our arsenal to stay safe.Reflect to Protect- LunaTagz Review and GiveawayLunaTagz are fun and funky reflective stickers that you can attach to your clothes, bikes, and even yourself while you are out late at night taking a walk. If you look at them in the daylight they are grey in color, but reflect bright white when light shines on them in the dark. They come in fun shapes like peace signs, lightening bolts, and many many more. The LunaTagz are made with genuine 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material.

Reflect to Protect- LunaTagz Review and GiveawayYou can see by the photo above that they reflect pretty well, even the smaller ones. You simply peel off the backing on the sticker and can attach it to your stroller. What easier way to make sure your family is safe while out on a stroll after dinner. If you plan on adding the stickers to clothing or on other fabric, they do recommend either ironing or sewing them on since they stickiness will eventually wear off.

Reflect to Protect- LunaTagz Review and GiveawayThey are a perfect addition to bike helmets as well. The kids just think they are cool stickers, but it makes momma happy knowing they have one more layer of protection when we go out in to the street. At only about $4.99 per package, it is a good value and worth the peace of mind to keep your family safe.

I think these will be good for me as well when I go out to run in the early morning hours. I could add one or two to the back of my legs as a reflective tool.

With Halloween coming up sooner than we know, the Luna Tagz would also be great to add around your kids costumes so that they will stay safe while they are out collecting candy :)

Check out the LunaTagz website for more info or find them on Facebook.