Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  And I always do holiday cards throughout the year for my family.  So, today, I was scanning looking for Valentine’s Cards (they have some seriously cute ones!) when I decided to see what my girls understood about love.  Just for fun.  And because I needed entertainment on a rainy day!

So I asked them what they thought “I Love You” meant.  They laughed and giggled and kept repeating, “It means I love you!”  I prodded on.  “But how does it make you feel?”

“It makes me feel poop!”

Hysterical laughter followed and I was all done trying to get them to answer.  Mostly because I was laughing along with them.

Amazingly, in their innocence and play, they made the point that ‘I Love You’ just plain means ‘I Love You’ and it can also make you feel like poop!  And it can.  Because love is the one emotion that can light every cell in your body on fire and then extinguish them in an instant, sending you into the valley of despair.

What?  You thought I was going to write a fluff piece?

I love my husband.  More that I have loved anything else in my entire life.  I love him so much that it hurts sometimes.  And when we have issues and problems and are struggling to figure out how to work on them, I feel like – well – poop.  Because with every problem comes a tarnish on our love.  One that will eventually be buffed off… but really takes the shine off until we can find the buffing cloth.

And I adore my children and that I had them with the man I love.  They truly are my heart with arms and legs running around destroying my house, spilling their drinks, and pushing each other over toys on the floor.  They scream, throw tantrums, defy my parenting, and promote each other’s disobedience.

Yes, love can be poop.  And it is definitely not that fairy tale that I always dreamed about growing up.

It is way better.

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