I have two daughters in Preschool and one going in a year or so.  I constantly struggle to remember to label things and often find that the teachers have written, in sharpie, on the girls things, in order to identify which child has what. Not only do I feel guilty for forgetting, I now have a permanent marking on the item, from cups to clothes to lunch items.

So when Lovable Labels contacted me to generously offer their product to review and even pair it with a giveaway, I was thrilled!

I received, almost immediately, in the mail, labels for two of the girls:

The Santa Sampler Gift Pack –  Prancer’s Pack  – NOW on sale – $14.99



The Santa Sampler Gift Pack – Rudolph’s Rendition – Also on sale now for $14.99


I wanted to try them for a week before I posted my review.  I wanted to make sure that the polished looking, professionally presented, colorful and versatile labels actually worked!

I put them through the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, and well – toddler treatment.  Possibly the worst of them all!

To my absolute delight, they never peeled off of the item, did not fade, and did not fall off in hot water conditions.  I was really impressed with the clothing stickers!  I put them on extra underwear, shorts, shirts, and jackets.  I put them directly on the material and on tags.

Not one of them came off in the wash.  Nor did they fade.

I am really impressed!  Impressed enough that I am about to place an order to get them for my third daughter and even for my two Nephews.  Anyone with kids in school from Preschool to College can find a million uses for these labels!

So, as a very, very, impressed customer I am honored and excited to give my readers the opportunity to win their OWN label pack!  Just in time for Christmas!

Enter to WIN the “Santa Sampler Gift Pack – Prancer’s Pack!


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Contest closes December 3rd at 9am CST!

GOOD LUCK and thank you www.lovablelables.ca for offering such a great product for review and giveaway!