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I am SO SO Excited to bring you this review and giveaway that I can not even stand it!

Little Tikes has been a trusted name in my home from the moment my oldest got her first toy.  From slides to tables to water tables and more, my kids have enjoyed the fun, durable toys their entire lives.

And, luckily, we are not done yet!

There are a whole bunch of new toys out now – just in time to close out summer with a bang – that are the perfect size, activity level and imagination tickling your little ones need!

We were lucky enough to receive the NEW Clearly Sports Kickball Set and the NEW Backyard Barbeque Get Out ‘N Grill Bundle.  Yes, my kids are lucky ones for sure! 

Little Tikes Toys

The Clearly Sports Kickball Set was a complete blast.  I opened it up, took out the ball that has little plastic marbles in it for even more fun, set the bases out and the kids went to town!  They have not played proper kick ball but I loved watching them learn a game I excelled at as a young girl.

They learned the rules and how to run the bases and I learned that Sarah has a mean left foot, Megan clenches her eyes shut right before she kicks and that Katie can make it all around the bases before I can get to her.  It has been a welcome addition on boring summer days that gets me and my kids up and moving!

Little Tikes Toys

From active exercise play to the imagination treadmill with the Barbeque set that will probably sit front and center in my living room for months to come.  I would move it outside but the girls look so cute with their chef’s hat and apron on making me the best burgers I have ever seen that I hate to move it.

Putting the grill together was fairly easy.  Even for me.  And I have issues putting the cap on the toothpaste.

The directions were pretty simple to follow and I had it together right before the girls literally exploded from excitement.  The bundle includes the grill and food and accessories that come with it, the chefs hat and apron (cute overload!!) and another accessories kit that the kids can play with.  All of the tools and parts fit under the grill for easy clean up and it stores easily in a corner.

Little Tikes Toys

I absolutely love it for the simple fact that my kids get to use their imagination to cook for me and their sister’s, thus building their confidence in their ability to play ‘real life’.

Both of these toys are must owns if you have children from ages 3 and up. Though the kickball set would be great from the time your child can run.

See the entire new line of Little Tikes toys and pick up some of your old favorites too!