I love to bake.  I don’t get to do it as often as I used to, but I do love it.  And one of the things I love most about it is baking for my kids!

I have been known to stay up all night creating fun and interesting things for my kids to have during treat time.  But, let’s be honest, kids are overwhelmed with sugar anyway and I have to think of their health.  I am a mother first, after all, and am not interested in getting my kids hyped up on sugary snacks!

C & H Sugar’s understand that and have – thankfully – created a new LIGHT line of products that are sugar and Stevia blends to help reduce the sugars in my baking recipes! At only 5 calories per serving, C&H Light has 50% less sugar thus making my baking bug wake up once again!

Not only was I thrilled to get the 40 count box of C & H Light packets for my coffee – I’ll cut sugar wherever I can – but I could not wait to tear into the resealable pouch and create one of my children’s favorite treats!  And since I know they will not be so sugar heavy, my enthusiasm increased!

Sugar Cookies are so versatile and fun.  And delicious.  And yummy.  And… you get the picture.  I love them and love watching my kids  eyes light up when they know they can get one!  So, armed with less sugar in my C & H Light Sugar and Stevia Blend, I set out to make a super easy recipe I found on C&HSugar.com!


I mixed up the wet ingredients in no time.  With minimal effort, I added the dry ingredients and mixed it all with my hand mixer.  I knew for licking the beaters… who? me?… that these cookies were tasting no different than my regular recipe!   After refrigerating the dough overnight, I attempted to cute up the cookies for my kids by making little people.  It was a total fail as I said I love to bake but never said I was good at baking!

So I used my trusty circle cookie cutter too!

True to form, I broke the three people I tried to create – there was a proper burial (in my tummy!) – so I decided to special up the circles with some red icing mouths and chocolate chip eyes.  Not complicated or innovative, I know.  But my girls will gobble them up with smile and that makes it all OK.

And when they wake this morning and see the cookies that they will get to have after lunch, their excitement will pale in comparison to mine knowing that these cookies have half the sugar than my normal ones.  And they are GOOD so my kids will never know!

As a mom, this product could not have hit shelves at a better time.  As a baker – in constant training – I am so excited to offer a lower sugar option to my kids and friends that I – attempt- to bake for!

Try C & H Light Sugar & Stevia Blend in your favorite recipes!  And to help you SAVE on C & H Light products, you can head to C & H’s FACEBOOK Page and print your $1.00 off CH Light Coupon available on the tab in  their header!

Have you seen this new Light product on the shelves?  Let me know what you make with it!

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