Sometimes games are just FUN!  And sometimes hidden in the fun are lessons kids need to learn and adults need help teaching.  Lids ‘n Lizards Magnetic Photo Vocabulary Game is just fun.  Educational fun… but fun more than anything.  

Super Duper Publication Toys and Games

With summer fast approaching, I need all the help I can get in coming up with things to do with my kids.  Besides watching television, of course.  And there really are only so many crafts that my little brain can come up with that do not require me to sit right next to them and help them with.

Let’s face it.  All of us moms have a certain idea of how Summer will go once we know it is approaching.  We’ll go on bike rides, go to the poll, endlessly lounge and read with the kids.  But then, day 2 of Summer hits and we are all standing in the living room wondering what in the heck to do with our kids that day!

Well, before you reach for the remote, check out Super Duper Publications and the amazing, non electronic, attention grabbing games that they have to offer!

Super Duper Publication Toys and Games

We were lucky enough to receive 4 of the games but since each is so awesome, I had to break it up into three posts.  See my review of the MagneTalk Early Classifying Magnetic Game and the dual review of Topic Talk Conversation Cards and All About You, All About Me Fun Deck, too.

But back to the game that had my kids loving lizards and squealing with excitement – AND PLAYING NICELY TOGETHER WITHOUT MOM – Lids ‘n Lizards Magnetic Photo Vocabulary Game is just F U N!

Check out my kids excitement below:

Seriously, I could have recorded the entire 20 minutes that they played this game.

The concept is simple.  The metal Lids hold the magnetic photos.  Each photo is a category.  Things for the house, transportation, clothing, etc.  Under a certain number of lids are Lizards.  If the kids pick a lid without a lizard, they simply tell you where the item goes and move on.  But if they pick one with a lizard under it, they get to keep the lizard if they categorize the item correctly!  Whomever ends up with the most lizards wins!

As you can see in the video, the lizard hunting is the best part!

Super Duper Publication Toys and Games

As a mom with young kids that need entertainment that is also educational that does not require a screen, I LOVE this line of magnetic games!  They are smart, durable, interesting, and my kids love them!  Pick them all up and have an instant, go to game, that will thrill your kids all summer long!

And to help you along, (1) of my readers will win the magnetic game of their choice of the four!  Open to the US and CANADA!

All About You, All About Me Fun Deck

TopicTalk(tm) Conversation Card Game

MagneTalk Early Classifying

Lids ‘n Lizards(r) Magnetic Photo Vocabulary Game

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**I received these games for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**