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Years ago I say in a doctor’s office, describing symptoms of terrible stomach cramping, untimely gas and other indigestion issues that seemed to gradually be showing up more and more.  My doctor listened and then told me that he thought I might be lactose intolerant.  Basically, it meant that my body did not have enough lactase in it to break down the dairy I was consuming.  He told me that it generally happens gradually and in people who are getting older, but more and more of the population was having this intolerance.


Well, I was not giving up my ice cream, milk and cheese.  And I was adamant about it.  So my doctor told me about an over the counter pill I could take called Lactaid® that would help me digest my dairy a little better.  Basically, Lactaid gives your body the amount of lactase you need so you can enjoy dairy without the discomforts that I experience.

From that day on I have taken it when I need it.  And I am always so excited when new Lactaid® products hit the shelves!  Like Lactaid® Ice Cream, Cottage Cheese, Milks and even EggNog, now readily available in my grocer’s freezer and refrigerated section.

Find out about all if the amazing Lactaid® products – including their 5 flavors of ice cream – and put them on your grocery list!

In fact, now you can even get whole milk and 2% milk in half gallons and gallons making life just that much easier!  I can use it to make mac and cheese, blend smoothies and more!  Just like I would with regular milk.  And I can enjoy ice cream and cottage cheese without feeling the pain of my indulgence later!


But even more exciting, I can create fun and delicious recipes with Lactaid® too!

Melisssa d’Arabian is a mom of 4 and Lactaid® Spokesperson.  She is also a celebrity chef and NY Times best selling author of Ten Dollar Dinners.  Melissa is making appearances on the Today Show to show off some awesome lactose free recipes that we all will love!

Below is her first appearance where she is creating some scrumptious lactose free Blueberry Muffins and Almond Mocha Iced Coffee!


Catch Melissa again on June 25, 2013 when she shares some delicious Entree’s that are lactose free!  Set your DVR’s or just come back here to see the clip!

While you are waiting on her second appearance, check out these recipe videos available that can help you create awesome lactose free recipes for your family!  I am watching and can not wait to create these recipes.  Maybe I’ll even create one on my own and share it with you soon!

Here are some great tips from Melissa for cooking with Lactaid®!

Cooking with LACTAID:
* LACTAID does have a slightly sweeter taste, but typically no one notices when
adding it in a recipe
* Melissa likes to put in in her coffee instead of flavored creamer or sugar
* Melissa finds that her kids prefer smoothies with LACTAID compared
other milks, probably due to the slight sweetness
* Melissa says she simply swaps LACTAID for regular milk in recipes, cup for cup
*When substituting LACTAID for cream in recipes, work in a teaspoon of corn
starch (this would be the same for any milk)
* Substitute lactose-free milk for buttermilk by adding vinegar

Have you had issues with dairy digestion?  Have you tried Lactaid® products in the past?  Have you seen the expanded line of products that can help you make your favorite recipes without the pain later?  Tell me about your experience!  I want to hear!

And as a great way to get you started with Lactaid® in your home, (1) of my readers will WIN a free product coupon!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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