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If you have had the television on at all then you have seen the hunka hunka burning Zest coming from the spokesmodel for Kraft’s Zesty Italian Anything Dressing.  In know it has made me want to eat my vegetables with a side of some Zest!

Kraft's Zesty Italian Anything Dressing

Broccoli, anyone?

I think I’ll be following him on Twitter at @theZestyGuy.  See you there?  LOL

Ok, I promise I’l move off the Zesty Hot Guy…..  well, right after I check out this video below:

Alright, I’ll move on….

Right after I tell you that you can make your friends day and send a ZestyGram to them right from the Zesty guy Website!  Yep – send them a Thank You, a Happy Birthday and even an “I’m thinking of you” message right from the page.  They will love you forever.  And ever.  And ever.

Kraft has always been a go-to name in my house. And now that they are zesting up my kitchen, I am even more excited to  add a little zest to my everyday meals.  From veggies to chicken, Kraft’s Zesty Italian Dressing adds a kick that makes everything just a little more intense!

Check out some awesome recipes with the Zesty Guy on Facebook!

Kraft's Zesty Italian Anything Dressing

Like Zesty Italian Chicken Salad or Primavera Pasta Toss.  Get more awesome recipes on Kraft’s Website too!  Perfect for those summer parties we are all planning!  I am having a memorial Day fiesta and I will be using some of these recipes to impress my guests, fro sure!

Now, I wanted to do some fancy recipe for you.  Like toss some chicken, veggies and Zesty Italian Dressing in a pot and grill it up.  But I am on a serious veggie kick.  And in an effort not to get bored with that, I have been using this tangy, delicious, oh so awesome dressing to keep me entertained.

Kraft's Zesty Italian Anything Dressing

I mean, come on…. a little Zesty to veggies helps the healthiness go down, right?

Make sure you check out the Zesty Guy and create some of the awesome recipes, send your pal a ZestyGram, or just screen shot for your new favorite screen saver!

To help you get a little Zest into your kitchen, (1) one of my readers will WIN their very own bottle of Kraft’s Zesty Italian Anything Dressing.  I’m sorry, but the Zesty Guy won’t be the one delivering it.

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Bottle of Kraft’s Zesty Italian Anything Dressing