My summer months are generally full of friends, fun and get-togethers.  Two of my children have July birthdays and just planning for those can make the summer insane.

But I love it.  I love to have people over, listening to laughter and fun and enjoying the squeals of happy kids and the sighs of relaxed parents.

When I have people over, though, I am always concerned about how to keep everyone happy and as clean as possible in a house full of people.  My go-to for a while has been Kleenex Hand Towels for my bathrooms!

Kleenex Hand Towels

I’ve talked about the benefits of cloth vs clean before.  Especially in my bathrooms.  Party or not, I want to eliminate the spread of germs as much as possible!  With Kleenex Hand Towels I can do that!

The product’s unique, Cottony-Soft™ towel is free of inks, dyes and fragrances and highly absorbent – drying hands effectively, with enough capacity in the brand’s proprietary, absorbent Dry-Touch™ fibers for secondary quick clean-ups around the bathroom sink. Kleenex Hand Towels’ flexible packaging complements everyday bathroom décor and space limitations, allowing the product to be placed on a towel bar or countertop. The Pop-Up® delivery system is designed to help keep one clean, fresh, dry towel conveniently at hand.

Kleenex Hand Towels

And, during entertaining/holiday time periods, busy bathrooms can be kept under control with seasonal designs that look good and are convenient for both family and guests.

I have a little get together coming up soon.  It is a combination tea party, birthday party, I’ve missed you this summer while we have all been taking our kids to camp, event!

So I have my Kleenex Hand Towels in my bathrooms and ready to be used by anyone who comes through.  I know my guests will appreciate my thoughtfulness in not presenting them with a much used, wet, dingy cloth towel.

Kleenex Hand Towels

Are you planning a summer party?  Be sure to get your Kleenex Hand Towels for your guests too!

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