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Little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. They are also lip gloss and blush and nail polish and bubble baths. But some things on the market are full of chemicals and stuff that we don’t want our little girls putting on their faces and bodies. Plus, why not use these great things girls love to teach some science by letting them make their own? That is exactly what Kiss Naturals does.

Kiss Naturals DIY Kits #DIY #kissnaturals #crafts

Kiss Naturals are products that your little girls can make on their own at home. They don’t include any chemicals and are so fun to do that that girl will be excited to use the products that they made. Think Green meets DIY meets Craft with these kits.

A few weeks back, I had some friends over to visit my kids. With 6 little girls around, I needed some entertaining stuff to do and fast. Enter Kiss Natural’s Lava Lip Gloss Kit and Kiss Natural’s Bath Fizzie Kit.

I gathered them around the kitchen table and we set out to make their very own lip gloss and bath fizz!

Kiss Naturals DIY Kits #DIY #kissnaturals #crafts

Each little girl got their own bottle and I went around letting the bigger girls put the oils and scents in while I helped the little ones. The bottles had rollers and the formula to make the lip gloss were right on the bottle. The girls chose from grapefruit and orange and scents and we mixed 6 bottles of lip gloss. They went around putting it on and  looking so cute. The ‘lava’ effect was realyl fun for the kids as they watched the oils mix together. Since there were no chemicals in it, I felt good knowing that it would not hurt them, even if they accidentally broke the bottle or something else.

The bath fizz was too much fun to make as well. A smooth powder, the girls helped me pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix it. Then each of them got to press the ‘soap’ into the heart shaped molds. We let it sit overnight and the next day, my daughters dropped the fizz into the bath and loved watching the ‘science’ of it all.

I likes that it was created at home and so I knew what was in it.

If you have a little girls who loves to be ‘girlie’, get her some Kiss Natural’s Kits!

Kiss Naturals DIY Kits #DIY #kissnaturals #crafts


Check out what else they have:

Kiss Natural’s DIY Lip Balm Kit

Make high quality homemade lip balm with Kiss Natural’s DIY Lip Balm Kit.  A treat for the lip with pure essential oil, kids can get creative adding natural scents.  Shea butter, Safflower oil and Beeswax form the moisturizing and nutrient rich base to these easy to make lip balms; a dash of grapefruit and – or – orange add a revitalizing refreshing zest to the final product.

Kiss Natural’s DIY Soap Making Kit

This safe and easy to use DIY kit is the perfect activity to keep even the tiniest hands busy – and clean!  Packaged with everything needed to make pure sulfate-free, glycerine soaps.  Simply melt a bar of glycerine soap, add oils to create the perfect scent, pour into the heart-shaped mold—and voila, in one hour soaps will be ready to use.

Kiss Natural’s  Solid Perfume

Journey into the world of perfumery—the safe and natural way. This DIY Solid Perfume Kit contains everything needed to make wonderful all natural perfumes.  Simply mix the pre-measured beeswax and safflower oil to form the perfume base, and then add the essential oils to create a custom scents. No synthetics or nasty chemicals here—AND no waste! Perfumes are ready in just 60 minutes!  

I bet your girls will love the science, creation of fun of it like my girls and their friends did. To help you get started, (1) one of my readers will WIN a Kiss Natural’s Kit of their own. Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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Congratulations to our winner: Anne P.!!

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