It’s been a running theme I have heard lately.  Kindness is gone.  People no longer think thank you and please are important words in our vocabulary.  Along with that argument comes the one on how children, especially these days, have no manners.  And, to be honest, sometimes, as a mom, it is hard to teach them everything when they need to be doing it.

So I am in LOVE with Kindness Kingdom!  ‘Where Marvelous Manners are Your Invitation to the Best Tea Party ever.”

Kindness Kingdom

This game is such a brilliant idea that I could not wait to play it with my girls.

The basic premise is that the kids play the game as they would any other.  They draw a card that tells them which color jewel to move to.  Depending on which spot they land on, they get a question that is directly based on etiquette in a certain situation.

For instance, What is a polite way to sneeze?.  When the child chooses the correct multiple choice answer: Sneeze into your elbow or handkerchief as quietly as you can, they get a corresponding charm for their charm bracelet card.  There are questions about how to shake hands with someone in a wheelchair, lessons on how to return your sibling’s crayons unbroken, and how to be a graceful loser at a game.

The game covers the gamut of etiquette, manners and being well behaved and even a little education about how tea parties came about and the original foods served at them.

Kindness Kingdom

My girls and I have played this several times.  My kids are the perfect ages, 2 – 4 and I think even beyond as my 7 year old seemed to love it most. I almost feel like this is not a game just for girls either.  Sure, there is a princess on the box, there are charm bracelets and very “girlie” things.  But boys and girls could benefit from the fun and entertainment in this box.

It is a MUST OWN for any parent who is trying to raise their children to be kind and well mannered.  If you agree that those seem to be dying in the midst of typing short retorts on the computer, this game needs to be a part of game night.

As your children make it to the ultimate tea party and fill up their charm bracelets, you will notice something interesting.  At least, I noticed it with my kids.  As the manners and etiquette are talked about and they move along, I noticed a slight increase in their sweet words and actions with their sisters.  Thank You for the charm, please hand me the card, thank you for helping me move my piece.

Kindness Kingdom

And that seemed to last for a little while.  Now, my kids are gone with their dad right now, but my plan is to play this game often with them and watch them blossom into well mannered, kind little ladies.  Isn’t that something all moms want?

Want more manners?  Check out the Kindness Kingdom blog. It has more great tips for kids on manners and more!