Who loves summer?!  1, 2, 3, 7, 16, 98….ALL OF YOU!!!!

Who loves swimming?!  1, 2, 3, 9, 37, 45…..ALL OF YOU!!!!

Who loves walking around after swimming while the water is still dripping down you?   Um, anyone?  At all?  No?  I didn’t think so.

Kiki’s Nation has the answer!

Kikis Nation

“It all started at a swimming pool in Pleasantville, New York. After completing swim practice, Grandma Kiki wanted something dry and warm for the kids to wear for the ride back home. So she started cutting and sewing their bold-colored towels into absorbent clothing. “

Joe took a second out of his busy day of swimming in Pap’s pool to model his “Jammers” alongside Lorelai and her skirt.    They both wore them to the pool and after they got out for dinner.  They said “these are awesome!”  They didn’t have as much of the annoying drops of water running down their legs into the flipflops, no chaffing.  No having to worry about your suit being dry enough so it doesn’t look like you peed your pants when you put them on overtop.  You just put them on and go about your day!

Kiki’s Nation products are great for the pool- both public and around the house, as well as the beach.  We even wore them after leaving the water park portion of our local amusement park!

Where can you get your own Jammers, Towel Pants, Skirts, or Bags (yes! They have BAGS too!!!)?  You can view all their styles and sizes at Kiki’s Nation.com

Wait….there is another way.  A Day in Motherhood and Kiki’s Nation are offering the opportunity for one lucky winner to receive their very own Kiki’s Nation product!!!  Just fill out the entries below and share with us where you would wear them.  I know Joe and Lorelai love them (they’ve even requested wearing them to just lounge around the house) and I’m confident you will too.