I so love giving my kids treats.  But we all know that when you give a child one thing, they want the same thing over and over again and more and more each time.  And even if you want to let them have it, the unhealthiness of certain treats can stop you.  Lucky for me, with MOO Chocolate, I can spoil my kids a little more often and not feel quite so bad about it!

MOO makes organic, udderly delicious, whole milk chocolate bars, which come in four tasty whole-grain flavors: brown rice crisp, corn flake, handmade granola, and graham cracker.  We got to try the brown rice crisp (think great tasting alternative to another rice flavored bar) and the graham cracker bar.

I have to say, the creamy deliciousness of the chocolate is so good.  And we love the flavor and texture of the bars.  I don’t know which one is our favorite but the graham cracker bar was a wonderful deference from the ‘normal’ candy bars on the shelves.  In addition, the bars are a good size and so, after a piece or two for each of us, we put the rest away.  That made this a treat that lasted!

As a mom, I love the story behind these organic bars.  MOO Chocolate bars are the brainchild of Jackie Ekholm who was on the hunt for chocolates here in the United States that were made with real foods and wholesome ingredients.

Jackie and her children would spend summers in Switzerland every year, visiting family, taking advantage of the beautiful mountain views, and eating tons of chocolate. Every summer she’d go home with a carry-on suitcase full of Swiss chocolates for her family. One of her sons asked why she only bought chocolate for the kids when they were abroad in Europe and she realized it was because the chocolates there were made with high quality ingredients— no dyes or preservatives. A lot of the chocolates geared towards kids in the States contained ingredients she was unfamiliar with.

So, Jackie and her children started brainstorming how to start a chocolate business, what kind of chocolates they wanted to make, and what they would call it! Inspired by their love for cows and delicious creamy Swiss chocolate, her kids came up with the name MOO for their bars.

Pretty cool, right?

I really think you guys will like MOO Chocolates.  Our whole family sure did and we are on the hunt for more!  They are not carried in stores near us so we are going to order them online!  Check your local store to see if they carry these awesome chocolate candy bars!

And because the creators of this delicious candy are so generous, one (1) of my readers will WIN some candy bars of their own!  Just enter via the Rafflecopter form below and Good Luck!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my disclosure statement for further details.**

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