I have lost my cotton pickin’, barely there, definitely not operating in all cylinders mind!

Why, you ask?

Because, after going through the heartbreaking death of my sweet dog Ali a few months ago, helping my neighbor birth and nurse 18 puppies over the last 6 weeks and telling my kids 876456 times that we will NOT be getting a 3rd dog, my husband goes and gets one and I, clearly not able to send a 6 week old bulldog mix puppy back, am now in charge of one more four legged friend.

Named Buster.

I did not even get to name him.

Yes, you read that correctly.  We now have a new puppy.

A third dog.

Another soul for me to tend to.

Those who know me will say that I am acting put out and this is right up my alley.  I love dogs and we live on an acre with lots of room for him to run with my other two dogs, so it is not totally unfathomable that I am a little happy to have him.  It has just been really kind of nice with two.

Kinda like kids.  Two seems manageable to me but three sends me into the crazy lady personality faster than I can eat an Oreo.

He’ll be mostly an outside dog like my other two.  Out all day and in at night.  Unless there is bad weather.  Or I feel bad for them.  Or I miss them.

My husband sold him as a “lesson” for the girls.  He said it would teach them how to truly take care of something and make sure it was well tended to.  But in reality, I will be his primary caregiver  Because they don’t take care of things… they destroy things.

In the end, I did like taking him to the pet store and getting him some necessary puppy taking care of items.  And he snuggles like nobody’s business.  And seems to already like me best.

So, I suppose he is a keeper.

Welcome to the family Buster.  I might scream sometimes but it is ok… I still love you!