I have kids who see me on Facebook and Twitter and ask about it constantly. And even though they are way too young for these sites, they are showing interest in learning more about the social media that mommy uses.  So I am always on the hunt for S A F E alternatives that can be used when my kids are old enough!

Because, let’s face it, the more we teach them now about social media and how to be safe on it, the better they will be prepared later!

Check out, a new social media site that sends parent alerts on your kids activities!  Read below on how you can sign up and download a profile photo and get a FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card PER SIGN UP to the first 500 who participate!  If you have a family of 5, you can get a $25 Walmart Gift Card just for signing up!!

The Basics: is a social media site that is kid friendly and parent informed.  Our goal is a safe, fun, bully-free, “Bezness”-free, predator-free site for all to enjoy.  (Bezness is the practice of men from other countries romancing women to gain a VISA to their country, and can be applied to women romancing and providing fake heart-wrenching stories to extort money out of men as well.) 

Groups are welcome.  Please see privacy settings before creating your group. 

All subscribers under 18 are required to use a parent’s email for sign up so the parent receives a transcript of the interactions their child has, is always informed and can intervene in the best interest of their child. 

If you or your child receives inappropriate requests for anything, please report it by using the “Customer Service” link and management will investigate. 

Check out this video to learn more about!


Want to try it out?  Why not get a $5 Walmart eGift Card just for signing up and downloading a profile photo to the site?

We’re giving a $5 Walmart gift card to the first 500 U.S. residents that sign up at and upload a profile picture. If anyone under 18 wants to enter the contest have them please use their parent’s email address.

The FIRST 500 Get the $5 Walmart eGift Cards!

After your new profile has been created simply visit this form, fill out your details, and you’ve been entered to win 

It is that easy!  So get your $5 Walmart eGift Card and discover a new, safe, social media site for your kids!

**This is a compensated post.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclaimers Page for more information.**