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This Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe will make everyone smile. #CampbellSavings ad

Back to school. It is that time again. I am not ready, I admit, and I won’t be ready come the first day. I am one of those crazy moms who prefers her kids home. Not crazy enough to think I would be effective at all as a homeschooler, but crazy because I truly miss my kids when they are gone all day. This year, we have a new routine. My oldest is out of elementary and headed to intermediate school. That means that she will leave the house an hour earlier and come home an hour earlier than her sisters. While I wish they would all be in the same school again, I am looking forward to having her to myself for a little while each day. But their schedule change also means my hours in the day are shorted to get what I need to get done accomplished.  So I am always looking for fast but delicious meals like my Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe with a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup that I can make and enjoy on a tighter schedule!

Pairing Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup with my Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Recipe is brilliant! #CampbellSavings ad

Now this may seem like an odd combination for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich but in an effort to make ‘try new things’, I started adding things to a family favorite sandwich. Some were hits and some were misses. Adding salami, a mixture of creamy cheeses and avocado was a slam dunk, ‘Can I have another, please?‘, winner!

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Add Salami to my Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe for Ultimate flavor. #CampbellSavings ad

Now, listen, I do have a bit of a secret on my grilled cheese sandwiches too. Years ago my friend, Jennifer, from I Save A to Z, made the best grilled cheese sandwich ever using powdered sugar. I know, I scratched my head too. But I tried it and it was SO GOOD! More importantly, we all love it too! Since then I have experimented with it and have come up with a modification that we all love.

Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Make this Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese sandwich for an after school snack or dinner!
Recipe type: Italian Grilled Cheese
  • Bread - I use and Asiago Cheese bread that is heavier
  • Cheese - I use a combination of cheddar and Gouda
  • Salami - from the Walmart Meat area, sliced
  • Prego Italian Sauce to spread
  • Avocado
  • Powedered Sugar
  • Egg, scrambled raw in a bowl
  1. Scramble the egg in a bowl and add about a spoonful of powdered sugar. Mix Well. Brush the side of a piece of bread and lay it gently in a cool to warm pan. Add the cheese, a layer of salami, a layer of avocado. On the other piece of bread, spread the Prego Italian Sauce on the underside and top the sandwich. Brush the top with the egg wash, turn up the heat and cover. Lift the cover every once in a while to make sure the bread is not burning. After about 3- 5 minutes, gently flip the sandwich and cover again. After about 3 minutes, remove and serve with Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup as a side!

I am not a huge ‘tons of butter’ on the bread kind of person. In fact, for a while I have used egg wash on the outside of my grilled cheese. Taking my egg wash and adding powdered sugar to it, then laying the sandwich in the pan, brushing the other side and cooking until the cheese to melts is a winner every time here. It keeps the bread firm and adds a light crunchy crust to the outside! It is OH-SO-GOOD!

The secret is the secret ingredients in my Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe #CampbellSavings ad

Another trick, which may seem odd to some, is that I add a little Prego Italian Sauce to the sandwich as I build it. The creaminess of the sauce with the kick of Italian herbs adds another layer to this Italian Grilled Cheese. In fact, I have made it without this little extra and it just does not have the pop of homemade taste that Prego adds. Try adding it to other recipes besides pasta for a flavor the whole family will love!

Add Prego Italian Sauce for that boost of flavor in the Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich #CampbellSavings ad

After I make the sandwich, which comes out gooey and lovely, I pair it with a bowl of a family classic. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup! I have enjoyed this soup since I was a little girl and so having it in my home is a no brainer. The whole family loves the flavor and the wiggly noodles and I love that it is a quick and easy option for meal time. It is a great side or main meal for everyone here!

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While shopping at Walmart for back to school needs, don’t forget items like Pace Picante sauce for chips and salsa after school or V8+ Energy drinks to give everyone a boost during the busy school year. Walmart had coupons for those too!

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Make sure you head to Walmart to stock up on all of the foods and sides you need for making back to school meals for the family easier! Try my Ultimate Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe and come back and tell me how your family liked it too!

Serve Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup as the perfect side to my Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich #CampbellSavings ad