I know you all know this but I must shout it from the roof tops once more for good measure.  I.Love.Coffee.

It is the absolutely first thing I make in the morning and the drink I go to in the afternoons for a pick me up.   A while back, a snazzy new, awesome, delicious, affordable, beats the heck out of spending $4 a pop at the coffee shop, product hit shelves. And now, because they really like me.  They really, really like me!,  International Delight now has the LIGHT versions of their creamy Iced Coffee drinks on shelves.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee #LightIcedCoffee

And get this….  100 Calories Per Serving!


Now, I love the original recipe, I do.  But the caloric intake every day – yes, I like to have a cup every day – was not friendly to my waistline.  So I had to curb it and only have a cup every few days or so.  Which, if you have ever had this iced coffee drink, is really, REALLY, hard!

So when I saw that the same great taste and flavors – Mocha and Vanilla – were available with 1/3 fewer calories but still make with Arabica beans and less than $4 a carton, mama grabbed the kids and made a beeline to Walmart.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee #LightIcedCoffee

Sure enough, there it sat, as if waiting for me to ask it to come home with me, so I grabbed two cartons.  Two delicious, savory, spoil myself every afternoon having an Iced Coffee moment, cartons.

I was so happy.  So, happy, in fact, that I got home with my cartons, opened up the Vanilla, poured a 100 calorie cup over some ice and sat, savoring, while my children knocked over all the piled of newly folded laundry.  Someone, it did not bother me that much!

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International Delight Light Iced Coffee #LightIcedCoffee

As with most things, I like to change up the basics some.  International Delight is no different.  I like to add things to it, make it pretty, and give those expensive chains a run for their money!  So I was looking around the other day and came across and Orange Mocha coffee recipe.  For some reason, I am all about citrus these days and this recipe looked amazing!

But I wanted to try it with my International Delight Iced Coffee too.  However, seeing as the benefit of the light version is to consume LESS calories, I did not want to add a bunch of stuff to it.  So adding some low calorie Orange Juice seemed like a no brainer.

I got to work.

International Delight Light Iced Coffee #LightIcedCoffee

Now, sometimes Lori thinks outside of the box so I made 2 drinks.  Thinking that using Vanilla Iced Coffee would give the drink a cremesicle kind of taste.  But that really did not work so, in the end, the Orange Mocha won for taste!

Lori’s Modified Mocha Orange Iced Coffee

1 Cup International Delight Light Iced Coffee (100 calories)
2 Tablespoons of Orange Juice (about 20 calories)
Packet of Splenda (0 calories)
Dusting of cocoa powder (2 calories -maybe?)
An orange slice (ummm…. LOL)

Mix ice, the coffee and orange juice together and top with the garnishes.

So easy, so fun and really….  delicious!

Adding citrus to the drink can make it tart but the Splenda offsets it.  So I happily enjoyed my 122 calorie drink – maybe – and scoffed at the 400+ calories drinks that sat at the coffee house costing more than the entire carton of International Delight that will last me a week or more!

International Delight Light Iced Coffee #LightIcedCoffee

I know you guys are coffee lovers too, so the next time you are at Walmart, check the refrigerated section shelves for the NEW Light version of International Delight.  Drink it straight, dress it up, share it with friends…. and enjoy.  You deserve it!


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