A movie is coming out soon called “Mars Needs Moms”.  I thought, in honor of the movie, I would ask my kids what they would miss about me if I went to Mars.  A planet that I often wish I could escape to!

Their answers — that they are giving as they stand here giggling – have me rolling  laughing.  And in the order in which they were received, I present:

Top Ten Things my kids would miss if Mommy were abducted by aliens and went to Mars!

1)  I would miss Daddy if he went to Mars! Well, that clearly is not the question but I did ask that they speak from their hearts so, I’ll need a ticket to Mars please.

2)  I would miss your heart.  Now that was sweet.  I raised her.  The other ones are my husbands work.

3) We would miss your kiss!  Another nice one.  Next time they “wipe my kiss off” I will  remind them of this comment.  That’s right, you are never too young to be reminded of your words!

4)  My oldest daughter would miss my sister.   Interesting.  They see her twice a year and on our annual calendars.  But she is pretty so I guess that counts!

5)  They would miss Mommy making chicken nuggets.  Whew!  Something I do that they would miss!  I was beginning to think I had no purpose!

6)  The would miss me living in the United States of America. Yes, I would miss that too.  Because I would be far from them!

7)  They would miss me picking up everything that they leave on the ground.  Another thing I do well.  My husband would miss this as well.  It is an advantage when we can actually see the floors we walk on!

8)  They would miss how nice mommy is.   Awww…  sniff.  OK, I take back all of the sarcastic things I said.  Well, not really…  I take a few back.  Some are just funny!

9)  My middle daughter says she would miss everyone except me.   Nice.  She’s the one I was relying on for a place to live when I am old!

10) They would miss my ability to make good popcorn! Another use I am good for.  Good to know that my days are not in vain!

In reality, I think they would miss a lot more.  But as 4, 3,and 1 year olds, their worlds revolve around popcorn, chicken nuggets, and kisses.  So I will give them a pass.

Ask them again in 10 years and it better be a lot more comprehensive or it’s boarding school for the lot of them!

On Mars!

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