Throughout the years of getting married, having 3 children one right after the other, moving twice, home repairs, financial issues, marital discord and many, many other distractions, I seem to have lost my ability to be ‘fun’.

I still have a sense of humor, though I think it is lost in my sense of responsibility.  And I love to have fun, though I find it harded and harded to find time for the fun with all I have scheduled myself and my family to do.  But I seem to have lost my…  spontaneity on great fun and laughter.

I was watching Dancing With the Stars last night and the piece Nancy Grace did about her twins.   The entire piece she played with her kids, let her adult abandon go and got down to their level, and people talking about her said she was like that all the time.  That is the way I thought I would be.  Fun, energetic, and able to draw gales of laughter out of my kids.

And though I can sit here and name a myriad of reasons why she can just let go and be that way versus why I can not, I think I’ll just plan a way to get more “fun” and be more like I wanted to be as a mom.

1)  I think I’ll start wearing mismatching socks.  Since Halloween is right around the corner I should be able to find some great ones.  Maybe a purple and black striped one on my left foot and a sparkly orange on my right.  If anything, they will serve as a constant reminder that if I take life too seriously, I might seriously miss out on it.

2)  I think I’ll walk around on my knees 30 minutes a day.  Preferably when my kids are up and playing too.  Otherwise I’ll just get calloused knees.  But maybe if I get down to their level, I’ll be able to engulf myself with the laughter and joy that they have.  And if anything, it will remind me that some of the best places to view beautiful things is nearer to the ground.

3)  I’ll go down the slide with my kids instead of just catching them as they come down.  And I’ll soar to the sky on the swing instead of just pushing them.  And as I feel the wind in my hair and let me inner child come out to play, maybe I’ll remember that I am not just here to do things for them.  I am also here to share in the joys and simple happiness’s in life with them.  So that one day, when they talk about that day on the playground when their mom face planted as she tried to cross the monkey bars, I will remember it too…  because I was really there.

4)  I think I’ll eat popcorn for breakfast, cheese sticks for lunch and cheerios for dinner.  My kids seem to love it.  They are all within their weight range, full of energy,  and when they are hungry they grab a pear.  Sure, we all need a balanced diet most of the time.  But every once in a while, I think I’ll try to remember that a little relaxation at times is just plain fun!

5)  I think I’ll start greeting my husband like my kids do.  Full on, screaming ‘Daddy’s Home’, throw myself into his arms with reckless abandon.  Sure, I’ll knock him over – I’ve been eating cheese sticks for lunch after all – and he’ll be completely confused. But maybe if I greet him like they do, I’ll see his true value too.  Instead of just seeing what I am not happy with.

So with my mismatched socks, my child’s view of the world, a slide and a swing, a little popcorn sharing for breakfast and a new way to make my husband feel like he matters to me too, I’ll find my playful side.  And one day, maybe that side will smother out the ones that are smothering me now.

And then I’ll be a ‘funner’ mom.