It is a new month and a new start to challenge myself to not only do something fun and interesting for my family, but to find a way to give back to those less fortunate than us.  And the best place I have found to gather ideas and get inspiration is Champions for Kids and Jennie-O Turkey!#JennieOCFK!

As you may know from reading my blog faithfully, I have taken on the challenges month after month and continue to be surprised and excited about others generosity and how these SIMPLE SERVICE Projects change my family for the better too!  This month is a super fun and really easy project that anyone can do!

In taking the Jennie-O Make The Switch Switch Challenge we have decided to give something up and donate what we would normally spend on it to help kids eat healthier!  With the money we will save by giving up something we all love, I am going to throw a healthy snack party at my daughter school classes!

So… drum roll please.. up, for the entire month….  COOKIES!!!  And not just one type of cookie, ALL cookies!  Why, because it has become an epidemic in this house to get a cookie for doing something good and we all need to stop it!  We have – mainly – the tubs of cookies that you can scoop out, make just a few and then make some again later.  Purchased from kids in the neighborhood for about $10 a tub (ACK!), we buy them all year long and spend a fortune!  Add to that the beloved packaged cookies we get at the store at least once a week – ranging from $2.98 – $4.98 a package – and we are on cookie over load and need to health it up around here!

Now before you think we live on cookies around here, we don’t.  But we entertain a lot, have other kids over and my husband and I both have a late night sweet tooth.  So, in a month, we, I estimate – spend about $50 on cookies. Terrible, right?

So I am kicking the cookies habit and am creating a healthier meal time experience for my family with Jennie-O Turkey.  And then I am going to take my savings and use that to create a healthy class party for my daughter’s schools as opposed to the usual cookie kits and brownie pans!

I headed to my local Walmart to see how much I would save not buying the cookies and other sweets!  See my whole shop below and some recipes I have already made with Jennie-O turkey.


On this trip, with TONS of Jennie-O Turkey products, fruit and milk, I spent $57.00.  Taking out our usual barrage of cookies and sugary snacks saved me – and I kid you not – $40 on this shopping trip alone!

What a wake up call!

So, over the next three weeks I will be shopping like this – and hopefully permanently between you and me and my waistline – and whatever I save I will put into a healthy party at both of my daughter’s schools!  I am hoping by the time I am done that they won’t even realize that the parties did not include cookies!

Do you have any great recipes I can use with Jennie-O Turkey to entice young kids?  I am thinking turkey dog and cheese sticks, fun shaped turkey sandwiches and then a fruit plate with some whipped cream!  I am open to any and all suggestions!

Come back in a few weeks and see how I did!

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