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I don’t think it is any secret that I love my neighbors!  They do so much from me from helping me try out products to taking my kids when I need some help.  So, any chance I get to reward them, especially with Peet’s Holiday Blend Coffee…  I take!

The other day my middle daughter, Sarah, opened the door, and my little dog, Bud, who is a backyard or inside dog only since his mass slaughter of seven chickens a year ago, ran out, darted around her, picked up my neighbors dog along the way, and they both disappeared into the 1000 acres that sits next to us.   My heart dropped.

I got my kids, loaded them in the car and started driving up and down, and all around, looking for a little black and white dog.  An hour later, still no luck.  Dejected, we drove down one last street far from the field, in a last ditch effort.  We passed my neighbors house on that street and as we were slowly passing, Katie yelling,  “BUD” from the window, my neighbor comes out and flags us down!

“Are you looking for Bud?”

I tell her yes and she says, “I found him about an hour ago and brought him here so he would not get hit!”  The girls were so excited and I was relieved!  Now that is a GOOD neighbor!

So, I decided as a thank you, combined with an early Christmas present, to take my new favorite coffee, Peet’s, combine it with some goodies, and make her a Peet’s Holiday Blend Gift Basket!

I headed to Randall’s to pick up my Peet’s Holiday Blend and some other fun stuff to add to the basket!  Of course, I headed straight for the coffee aisle and found Peet’s Holiday Blend, in it’s festive red bag, right away!  I grabbed a bag of Ground and Whole Bean and then some bags for me!

Right down the aisle, I found the cutest coffee cup that would be perfect in this basket!  It had a little reindeer on it and was the perfect size for a nice, hot cup of Peet’s Holiday Blend!

Next I headed to the candy aisle!  I wanted to get some candy canes to melt into the Peet’s Holiday Blend because I imagined it tasting oh so yummy {it DOES}!  Next in the basket was a Thank You Note!  Yes, even though this is a Holiday Basket, I still needed to thank her for taking care of my dog!  My daughter Katie found the cutest one!

See my entire shop here:

Convinced that my neighbor would love this basket, we headed home!  I could not wait to put it together and take it to her!

I found some tissue paper in my closet, added my Candy canes, Peet’s Holiday Blend Coffee, the coffee cup and the card and I was ready to go!

See my video talking about the reason for my basket:


The next day, I took my neighbor her basket and she was truly surprised and loved it!  It was the perfect Holiday Gift Basket to give and I can not wait to give out more!  She even told me today that she and her husband had the Peet’s Holiday Blend this morning and it was FANTASTIC!

It makes me so happy to give back to others… and when I can do it with a quality product in a fun way, I love it even more!

SO, you can imagine that it THRILLS me that I get to give away a $75 Gift Card courtesy of Peet’s Coffee to one of my awesome readers!

YES – $75 Bucks just in time for Christmas to make your OWN Peet’s Holiday Baskets for your friends and family!

A little alert first:  You can only enter this giveaway on one participating blog.  If you have already entered the Peet’s Holiday Basket Gift Card Giveaway on another of the 19 other blogs, please do not enter this one.  We will be cross referencing to make this as fair as possible!

How to enter:

 The only entry requirement is to take a photo of you with your favorite coffee mug and post it to my blog OR write a 2 – 3 sentence comment as to why you LOVE you coffee mug!

How to post photos to comments:

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In the comment section type your name and your email address in full format:  lomargie at gmail dot com so I can contact you when you win!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Giveaway Ends December 8, 2011 at 11:59pm CST.

Winner will be announced after verification has been made!


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