I am so very lucky to be able to go shop for items and try them out to tell you about!  I am even more excited when a product lives up to its promises and makes my, and thus, your life so much easier!

Throughout the summer I have used spray on sunscreen for my girls.  Some of it is pretty good, some are greasy, and some wear off really easily.  Well, Neutrogena makes a new sunscreen with Helioplex (exclusive technology to Johnson & Johnson) that is specially designed to stay on through swimming, sweating and any other drenching exercise!

Neutrogena Wet Skin… in true Lori terms… ROCKS!!

It sprays on evenly and cleanly, stays on and is not greasy or runny!  I LOVE it and now have a new sunscreen for our home.  It does not have an odd odor like some do and my kids do not look like streaky messes when they run off to play!  In addition, it is reasonably priced and the actual spray bottle more evenly distributes the spray on wiggly little kids.

Now, this is not a commercial, I am actually speaking from experience here.  I went to Walmart and searched the sunscreen aisle for the Neutrogena Wet Skin.

To no avail.  Totally sold out.  I kid you not!  Good news on quality products travel fast!

As I headed out and to another Walmart, I passed a summer display and tucked in the back on one side were 4 lonely cans of the Wet Skin.  I scooped them up and headed out before someone could take them from my basket!   I used my $2.00 off coupon, thank you Neutrogena, and took my goodies home!

I knew that we would be the perfect test family for the Wet Skin.  We love outdoor activities and even moved out of a  brand new house for a fixer upper so that we could have more outside space!  So, this weekend, I pulled out my kids favorite summer activity, our water slide, and went out to join them, Wet Skin in hand!

As you can see in my slide show, they stood and were sprayed top to bottom with the SPF 50 Wet Skin and the SPF 30 as well.  My husband actually stopped for  a moment to shake the can because he could not see the drippy, white line of spray that we are used to.  The sunscreen goes on clean and dry and really seemed to stay on the entire two hours we were out there!

And as I watched them tumble and slide and play, I would check them periodically to see if I could feel the sunscreen still on.  Though not oily, I could feel the soft protective coat time after time!


I HIGHLY recommend Neutrogena Wet Skin with helioplex by Johnson & Johnson for your sunscreen needs!

Don’t just take my word for it though, head to Walmart, take your Neutrogena $2 off coupon and come back and tell me what you think!!  I am sure you will agree that it surpasses the rest!

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