A little while ago, I received a HUGE box of goodies from Mega Bloks!  In it were a bunch of Mega Bloks Thomas:Mega Bloks Diesel Sets and a Mega Bloks Thomas Day at the Dieselworks Set!

I could not wait to set up the party!  I got to work planning and trying to find time where everyone could come over and play with the Mega Bloks!  With the holidays approaching, it was proving a difficult task!

About a week later, a unique opportunity arose that would allow me to engage with the perfect target audience! Boys & girls ages 2 – 8. We were invited to a football party and all of the guests had lots of little kids!  I asked the hostess if I could bring my Mega Bloks box and educate all of the parents on this fantastic product for their kids! She graciously said, “ABSOLUTELY”!

So I took my box, my Mega Bloks Club sign up forms, my information on how wonderful Mega Bloks are – not that I really needed that because we all know that – and my kids and we headed to an “On-Location” Mega Bloks Thomas Party!

I gathered the kids and the parents around and while I handed out the toys to the kids, I told the parents about how awesome the Thomas kits were.  All of the blocks are safely inside the “track” which, when flipped open, is a great hill for the trains to slide down.  We listened to the kids talk about how the trains themselves came apart and how now they needed all of their favorite Thomas characters to play with the sets!

The parents were so happy to see that when their child was done with the Mega Bloks, they just put the blocks back in the case and store it in a shelf!  They also liked that the blocks were interchangeable among trains and that kept the kids playing longer!

The Thomas the Train Day at the Dieselworks was just as big of a hit!  With this package, including Percy and Diesel, kids can play with the crane that works and the doors that really open!  With 73 pieces, it keeps a pack of kids occupied for a long time!  Also, you can combine other Mega Bloks Thomas items with it!

Check out some shots from the party:
{I am sorry for the picture quality.  I was surprised when I got home how unclear they were!  And a lot didn’t turn out!}

This holiday season, make sure you check out all of the Thomas Mega Bloks Items that your child will surely love!  We still play with the Thomas Mega Bloks toys all the time and they love building them and taking them apart!

For more information on Thomas Mega Bloks and other Mega Bloks products, check the Mega Bloks website, visit them on Facebook and Twitter!

**This is a sponsored post for Mega Bloks through MomSelect.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclaimer page for more information!**