I have been curious for a while now about the gas additive, Additech, from MurphyUSA.  I read the signs that say it can help clean my engine and such but I have yet to try it. 

Well, this weekend I did it!  I started my gas purchase and when it came to the Additech option, I chose YES!  I paid $4.99 to add it to my gas purchase!  Since MurphyUSA has the cheapest gas in my area consistently, I did not see the cost as excessive at all.  There are three tiers to choose from.

Additech is a specially designed gas additive that cleans your engine as you drive.  And we all know that the cleaner your engine, the better it operates and the less gas you use.  Thus saving you in the end on fuel costs.

It was really easy to do too.  I just chose “yes” to the Additech option and followed the instructions on the Additech red screen.  When I was done and the gas was pumping, I was told that because I added the Additech, I now got a FREE Red Strike Energy Drink!

See my experience here:

My husband LOVES Red Strike energy drinks!  And come to find out, my friend Donna, who stopped by this morning and tried it for the first time, might also be a convert! 

I actually like it too!  I am not a huge energy drink person like my husband but I have gotten Red Strike free at MurphyUSA before by checking in on Foursquare, and it is pretty good!  Sugar free and only 10 calories, it is easy to drink and sort of tastes like an unsweetened fruit drink.  It is clean and crisp and a great pick me up for those sluggish days!

Kind of like Additech is for my car!

So head over to MurphyUSA today, choose the Additech option for your car’s engine, and pick up your FREE Red Strike!  And then come back and tell me what you think of both!

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