Dear Children,

Mommy does not wear a cape.  She is not a super hero.  She does not have powers that surpass those of other human beings.   If anything, you kept her up so many nights in a row that she is only operating on 34% power anyway.  Until after coffee, and then it goes up to maybe 58%.  At no time do I operate on all cylinders.  At least two are old, one needs oil, and the other is just in a bad mood from doing all the work.

So – please…  I beg you…  relax.

I can not get you dressed, change your diaper, get you milk, get you chocolate milk, wipe your nose, let the dog out, chase the dog you let out, come throw the ball, find your shoes, make you a snack, open your banana, help you dial daddy, get you water, buy you that toy you see on TV, pick up the yogurt you dropped, get you a baba, hold you, help you go pee, and clean your room all at the same time.

Nor can I make you chicken nuggets, go to the store to buy you yogurt, get you a blanket, change your shoes, find the almost red crayon, let you put on make up, paint your nails, get you ice cream, let you have scissors, help you color, shush you while I am on the phone, tell you to stop biting your nails, get you the Dora underwear, go out with you while you ride bikes, fold the laundry, do the dishes, mop the floors and clean the toilets all at once.

I sincerely appreciate that you think I have these kinds of powers.  In fact, I am humbled by your faith in me.  But I can not do it.  Maybe other mothers could, but not me.

So, I beg you, pick one.  Which task is more important to you?  Which is a need and which is a want and which is just a ploy to get attention?

I love you girls… I really do.  But when I am running ragged trying to do your bidding, I miss you little smiles, cute comments, and lovable hugs.  And that is what I want most in my days.

Mommy is no super hero…  but she tries her best.

And can only do one thing at a time!



PS:  Yes, now I will play the Elephant game with you.