Tonight we had plans.  For no specific reason other than it is Friday and we are happy to be a family, we were heading out for Mexican food.  My favorite and my last Hooray before I start Nutrisystem tomorrow.

I told the girls we were going to “the restaurant” and they were excited.   Katie headed off to get dressed at least 6 times and Sarah ran to her room as well.  I headed to Megan’s room to get her clothes.

Spirits were high despite everyone’s obvious tiredness.  Katie finally chose an outfit consisting of her Christmas dress and winter tights, I had fought Megan to at least put a diaper on and I *thought* Sarah was ready.

She came out in her pajamas and announced that she was ready to go.

I told her that she had to put on real clothes and she told me no and ran off.

This was going to be a fight.

When Katie saw me busy, she took the opportunity to change once more. Megan decided she was unattended and removed her diaper again.

Meanwhile, like a game of cat and mouse, I try to trap a sly Sarah… but I am losing.

I finally give up and head back to Megan, who sees me coming and darts off in an effort to emulate Sarah.  I am none to pleased.  Katie changes again and I am starting to lose my temper faster than the pile of discarded cloths grows on her floor.

Finally, the empty threat comes out:

“If you do not get in here and get dressed like normal children, we will NOT be going to the restaurant tonight!”

Hmmm….  apparently I forgot to turn my children’s ears on before I spoke.

“If you do not GET IN HERE and get dressed like normal children, you WILL NOT be going to the restaurant tonight!”


And now came the decision.

Buck up, be a parent who follows through on her threats and tell them that we eating dog food off of boxes, or toss the bad behavior aside because I really, really, really, really, REALLY want to go out for Mexican food?


“That is IT! NO restaurant tonight!”

And with that brings the cries and screams and wails and begs and pleads and tears.  And leaves me searching for the off switch on my ears!

Realizing that they got those from my husband, I give up.

I call him, tell him to bring food home and I end up spending dinner standing up, fetching forks and spoons and napkins and waters for those who need them, listening to my husband laugh with them and relish in their apparent saved good behavior for him, and wondered why I was being punished too?

I didn’t change 10 times, I have not changed all day in fact!  I did not want to go to the restaurant in my pajamas!  Even though I used to in college.  And I am wearing my diaper…. wait…

But that is what motherhood is, I suppose.  My paying the consequences of my children’s bad behavior.

And despite my wavering pride in knowing I made the right decision, I am still a little sore that I got grounded!