How many times a day do you think about your eyes?  Is it just when you wake up and have to wipe the sleep out?  How about after a long day on your computer, tablet or phone when they are dry and irritated and that terrible headache creeps in to ruin your evening?

Hoya Lenses thinks about your eyes all the time.  But, more importantly, they think about how to protect your eye sight and your general comfort in today’s demanding technical and focused world.  They merge advanced technology, intelligent real world thinking and the important relationship between your and you local eye doctor and they create lenses for all types of needs.

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I can fully admit that I spend 90% of my day on my phone, computer or other digital device.  And though I would like to think I have 20/20 vision, I have noticed over the last few years that my intense focus on a screen is starting to affect my overall sight.

I rub my eyes more, feel deep fatigue in them often and have a real understanding that what I am doing all day is changing the way my eyes see the world.  So I am booking an appointment with my Local Hoya Lenses Doctor and getting to them fast to get the best lenses I can to protect my eyes from here on out.

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And the really cool thing about some of Hoya’s products are that I don’t even have to have a prescription to get the protection I need against the blue light on my screens that can cause Computer Vision Syndrome.  Products like the Recharge Lens and SYNC Lenses are designed for the way our eyes work today.  And if I need a prescription, probably by now I do, I can get those same treatments or coatings on my Hoya Lenses to add even better protection.

If you need more information on How to Buy Lenses or want to see the amazing process, check out the Hoya Lenses Blog.

Hoya Lenses is committed to the health of your eyes and comfort while performing your daily tasks.  Your eye sight is precious and they know that and strive to create products that will only help you.  By only being able to get your Hoya Lenses at a trained professionals office, they make sure that the lens you get is perfect, long lasting and exactly what you need.

This is a compensated event in partnership with Hoya Lenses.  Please see my Disclosure for more information.

In addition to the great working of the lenses, Hoya also knows that day to day life can be frustrating with glasses.  So they have special coatings and treatments that make their lenses smudge proof, scratch proof and more.  They even repel dust!

And because Hoya is dedicated to making sure everyone gets the opportunity to experience the advanced lenses they create, we are throwing a Facebook Party like no other!