For a while now, I have been wanting to make something with my kids that can hold all of my old costume jewelry for them to play with.    Sarah has a really nice jewelry box that was given to her by a dear friend of mine, but I really don’t want her playing with it for obvious reasons!

I looked online and decided that Target was my place to shop!  I love the store and they have the boxes ready to go.  I just needed decorations!  Perfect for little girls.

I made my list.  I needed the boxes, some stickers, some Elmer’s glue for some gem stones to make them sparkly, and glitter pens.  I knew it would be messy, but I also knew that it would be fun!

I took the girls…  it’s OK, we were shopping for them, they were happy, and headed to the store!

We got to Target and started loading up our cart!  The boxes, stickers, lots of Elmer’s Glue and Glue Sticks, rhinestones, and other decorations filled my cart!  As time went on, the more excited I was getting!

We got home, I spread out a paper table cloth on my island in the kitchen, told myself that this was going to be messy but worth it and let them loose!


And the gluing, sticking, painting, glittering, markering, and chatting kept them happily occupied for over an hour!

When they were finished, we had 3 of the most un’jewelry’ like boxes I have ever seen.

And also the most beautiful!

They are drying now… nothing like using and entire

container of glue and glitter markers on three boxes!… but the girls have done nothing but talk about them since they finished!

I love this craft!  And I love even more that I get to talk about and show it to you!  From the shopping tothe finished products, just click below!

Do you have a great craft you want to share for us to do over the summer? COMMENT about it (include a link if you want) and tell me what you love about it!

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