I found out today through Twitter and Facebook that there is a book on Amazon.com that they are offering for sale to Kindle users for $4.79.  Not really big news, right?

Want to see the title?

“The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”

Now, I will give you a second to get to where I am and we’ll go from there.

Are you there?

Is your blood boiling?  Could you scream in absolute frustration and anger so loudly that your vocal cords will never be the same?  Did you immediately want to pick up the phone and call amazon.com and scream nasty, horrific, pissed off words at them?  Do you want to boycott them for all eternity knowing that even if you do, someone out there will make it up by buying this piece of crap?

Of course, you have to do all of this after you throw up just a little in disgust.  After you run and wrap your arms around your clueless children and pray to the dear Lord above that your neighbor, their friend’s parent, or anyone else they ever come in contact with did not buy the book.  

Now, if you are where I am then you understand the title of this post.  I know I am a Mom because I am red faced, irrationally destructive feeling, and suddenly on a mission.  Before I was a Mom, I’d shake my head, get angry and then move on.  Now, I am action motivated.  

A mother bear ready to maul for her children.  

If you want to take action also, here is the link to the Facebook page for boycotting amazon.com and the link to sign a petition to have the book removed from the site.  

If you are a Mom too (or a Dad!  Or Grandparent!  Or Aunt!  Or Uncle!  Or HUMAN!) – you understand.



PS:  I pray this is a troll, hacker, or other disruption to the reality of amazon.com knowingly selling this “book” and defending the sale of it.  If it is, I will issue a full apology!