I am seriously considering adding running back into my weekly routine now that the girls are getting older.   In my motivational high, I went to my closet over the weekend to seek out my shoe story for the task.  I was surprised at how badly my current tennis shoes looked.   I have not bought any is so long  that a few the pair do not even fit anymore !

Darned feet growing while pregnant!

Because I have children with limited capability to be in public for extreme amounts of time – especially if we are not doing anything for them, I thought I would look around online and compare shoes that way.

But, I know nothing about shoes these days so I need your advise!

I like Asics Sneakers and always have, but am not sure which is a good running shoe anymore!  Or what I should be looking for in a “beginning” running shoe.

Now, someone told me about Nike Lunar Glide’s, but I have never had Nike’s and am not up to date on the latest technology and advantages to them!  Anyone have any that they want to tell me about?

But as I search, I see even more shoes that I think are -well, to be honest – are just cute!  LOL  Like the collection of Nike Shox Turbo 10!

I don’t know…  do I just go with my old standby?

What do you guys think?  Any runners out there?



**This post is 100% mine and original.  However, the good people at www.become.com provided the links.**