The Keurig Vue House Party is back!  I hosted one back in May and had a blast!  I especially love my new Vue that I did get as part of the package!

If you can have the party on or by September 22, 2012 and you love coffee, tea, hot cocoa, ice tea and more then this is the party for you!

Hosts will receive the following:

You’ll love your exclusive Party Pack, which will contain:

  • Keurig® Vue® packs
  • Keurig® Vue® apron
  • Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids
  • Brew Over Ice Tumblers
  • Cookies to accompany your beverages
  • After Coffee Signature Peppermints
  • Exclusive savings
  • And a special surprise! (Probably the Vue)

Hosting opportunities are limited.   You do NOT have to be a blogger to host!  Just show your passion for the product in your answers and  everyone has the same chance!

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