We have amazing dogs and I love them so. They are most certainly a part of our family and my children, husband and I feel our lives are enhanced by their presence.  Having dogs can be expensive. Food, treats (which we overindulge in, I am sure), and things like dog beds can add up over time. Especially if your dog, like mine, likes to tear things up. Welcome to puppy hood, right? A while ago, I decided that I was tired of buying dog beds when I had materials in my home that would create one just as durable. So here are my Homemade Dog Bed Ideas! 

homemade dog bed ideas

Here are the basics:

Items needed

-Two old pillows (mine were king sized and I cut them to fit my dogs, they ended up about standard size)

– Left-over fabric. I used some leftover fabric from a “peasant” costume for school (that’s why there is a hole in it) and the plaid was intended to be curtains, 10 years ago and never made it)

-Sewing machine (mine is as old as dirt)




-computer and printer to make monogram

What you will not need is a tape measure or a pattern (You are welcome!). I am not good at measurement or following patters, so I skip those parts. I much prefer to eye-ball things. Seems to work just fine. Also, as demonstrated here, check with children before commandeering an old blanket as part of your materials….One of mine had a HUGE fit that I used her “favorite sofa blanket”….so, I had to undo the whole thing :/

Homemade Dog Bed Ideas

Create a perfect, personalized dog bed with some creative fabric and a little time. Caring for the bed is easy too. Just undo the velcro, remove the pillow and wash the bed inside out on gentle. Hang dry and put the pillows back in. If you need to wash the pillows, follow the instructions on the tag.

How many dogs do you have and how many beds have they had? Making yours at home takes more time but a lot less money!

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