Halloween is almost here!  And we could not be more excited!  We love the season probably more than we should but, really, what is not to love?  The kids get to dress up as their favorite characters, run around the neighborhood meeting new friends and neighbors and excitedly rummage through their pile of candy  – like HERSHEY’S – searching for the perfect one to eat!  It is so festive and fun and just watching the children makes it a wonderful time of year!

If I had it my way, I would have my decorations up six weeks early!  But since people might look at me strange I start celebrating in different ways every year!  By baking treats and taking them to those I love!

HERSHEY'S Halloween Treat Tray

This year I am so honored to be included in the HERSHEY’S BOO BLVD. Campaign!  Check out the Celebrate with HERSHEY’S Website for great ideas, tips and fun Halloween treats from bloggers and more!

I love to bake and try new things and show appreciation to those who help me out all year long!  In fact, starting a few years ago, the girls and I baked like mad and shared those treats with neighbors!  It was so much fun that we have done it every year!  Simple, fun, easy treats that we know everyone will love!

Hershey's White Chocolate and Chocolate Dipped Mashmallows

This year was no different!  I have a neighbor who helps me with the kids, is always there when I call and has been a good friend to me through a rough year.  So, we decided that we would make her a tray of fun, festive Halloween treats for her family!

When I bake treats for people, I like to try something new that I have never done before, bake and old stand-by that I know everyone will love and jazz up a current recipe with a twist.  So  I gathered my kids and headed to the Walmart where I knew I would find everything!


When baking treats for any season, I head to the important aisle first!  Than candy aisle!  I mean, come on, nothing tops a good treat better than some fun candy that you and the kids can use to decorate and make a treat unique!  I love any Hershey’s candies to help me spruce up a good cupcake so I chose a candy that already has a Halloween color theme!  REESE’S PIECES!  These peanut butter and chocolate flavored little candies always bring smiles to anyone’s face who eats them!  Sooo good!

I headed to the baking aisle next for my new treat, chocolate covered marshmallows in white and dark chocolate!  Though this might not be a novel, new idea for some, I have never made them and have been dying to try!  I found exactly what I was looking for, HERSHEY’S Baking melts!  Fourty seconds in the microwave and these little melts are ready to coat anything!

HERSHEY'S Halloween Treats


I picked up a few more things and headed home. And then we got to work!

I melted the white and dark chocolate and the kids dipped the huge campfire marshmallows in them and set them aside to dry.  And then we mixed up sugar cookies and added REESE’S PIECES to them to add that peanut buttery goodness!  Next we whipped up a batch up cupcakes, iced them and used the REESE’S PIECES to decorate them!  Despite the fact that we had to explain what was on each cupcake to our friends – maybe I should take a decorating class – they were a huge hit and everyone loved them!

Delivering Hershey's Halloween Treats to Friends will Brighten Everyone's Day

We delivered them to our neighbor and her family and they loved them!  It was a small token of appreciation that will resonate for days to come as they enjoy them! Plus, my girls learned that Halloween can be about more than Trick or Treat – it can be about Thank You too!

And because HERSHEY’S is all about giving too, (20) Twenty of my readers will WIN HERSHEY’S candies too!  Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below and GOOD LUCK!

**I am participating in the HERSHEY’S BOO BLVD. campaign via Mom Bloggers Club. This post was sponsored by HERSHEY’S. All opinions, writings and photos expressed and shared are 100% mine. I received the candies and a gift card to shop and bake from Hershey’s.  I will also receive further compensation for my work.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

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