As you may remember, I was happy to receive and try to get my Heely on a few months ago!  I had a blast trying them out and, to this day, try to get better at skating, but also wear them as stylish tennis shoes!

But, I have to say, my kids – especially my 5 year old – exhibited signs of jealousy from the beginning.  So when I was offered a pair for her to try, I rolled over with happiness!  (hehe)

Not on purpose… I don’t think… I ordered her shoes which look very similar to mine.  In my defense, she did help me.  Sort of.  But when I got them I had images of us skating down the street, waving at neighbors, bonding on wheels.

I strapped Katie in her shoes, arrogantly thinking her youth could pick up on this right away, and tried to teach her how to fall safely.

I wasn’t really worried about her hurting herself.  The kids Heelys have two wheels as compared to my one and I did have her helmet and protective gear on!

We started in the house, holding onto the couch, practicing together.  She actually did pretty well.  Much better than me who though she was getting good at it!  A few weekends in, she did actually skate around the couch unassisted.  I was so proud!

And then we decided to head outside.  I decked her out in helmet and knee and elbow pads and let her use the car as a support.  As she progressed, I let her do it with just a helmet.  She did ok… not the best, but the important thing is that she was having FUN!

And then it hit me.  She does not have to be perfect at skating on her Heelys right out of the box.  Neither do I.  We just have to have fun together and work on them and one day we’ll be hand in hand skating together.  But she really loves them and even wants to wear them to school (sans wheels).  Luckily, because they are pretty, durable and trendy, she can wear them and look good too.

As a mom, I L O V E that!!  An affordable shoe that can not only make her look and feel good, and one that can most likely last through all three of my daughters, but can serve two purposes.  One being the perfect accessory with jeans for school, the other being an amazing and fun way to get us outside exercising and having fun as a family!

But the BEST part of this -and yes- even though I love him dearly, I will be showing my husband in my pink and black shoes, a tad too small, trying them for the first time!  Please feel free to laugh harder than I did!

And even after the embarrassment from the falls, he wants a pair for himself.  He, too, sees the dual function of this shoe as a benefit, no matter how you ‘spin’ it.

With the holidays coming, be sure to put Heelys on your list.  Whether you have a young one that wants to have some fun (they WILL) or an older kid that wants to skate to their friends on the weekend, or you want to get in on the action and make Heelys a fun afternoon activity for the whole family, they have you covered.

And with so many styles, colors and options to choose from, you certainly can outfit your whole family with ease!

Thank you Heelys for this fun opportunity!  We may not be great at it… yet… but it certainly has turned into a family affair!  See the proof below:

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