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In the midst of back to school, homework, gymnastics and the day to day management of three daughters, I forget sometimes to see if what I want to teach them is getting through.  How are their decision making skills? Do they want to do for others? Are they ethical and learning compassion? So when books and games come along that help me have age appropriate discussions with my kids, I am all aboard! Harvest Time Partners has an amazing selection of books and games that get the conversation flowing in a really fun way!

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games

The other day the girls and I went to a friend’s house. We took the line of books and the games developed for the kids (there are also teen and adult games) and invited them to play. They were more than happy to and their mom and I sat down with 7 little girls. The newly revised and updated Abundant Harvest game is a lot of fun. Based on the spot landed on, the kids and parents can earn Abundant Bucks. There are 20 points for really good decision and poor points for bad decision. Each person gets a card. There is a kids stack, a parent’s stack and a school stack. Whatever color the mover lands on determines the card. Players read the scenario and answer how they would handle it. That is the basic premise. There are a few more elements to the game, like the Principal Card and more.

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games

As we went around the table asking little girls ages 3 – 9 about how they would handle things like: cheating classmates, bullies, kindness towards the homeless, sibling issues, honesty and more, the other mom and I got to hear how the kids think. For the most part, the kids had amazing answers. The parent cards were interesting too because they made me think about how I would react in certain situations… like if my kids were constantly bugging me about candy in the check out line.

The line of books that are also available from HarvestTimePartners.com are amazing. Illustrated and told in a voice kids understand, they promote The Principals of Our World: Courage, Sacrifice, Compassion, Honest and more! My 6 and 7 year old read these and come to me with any questions, which is amazing. I absolutely love them and they are definitely a wonderful part of any kid’s library!

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games

Another set of games that you can get from Harvest Time Partners are the Face to Face games. These are available in child, teen and adult versions. On each card is a scenario that a person can answer how they would react to but without the board that comes with the other games. These games encourage conversation and help build character in any age of person. I love these because they are easy to open, ‘play’ and learn about how you or your child is making decisions.

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games

I really think that these games and books are a strength building exercise for decision making skills. I encourage anyone with kids to go to HarvestTimePartners.com and get a game, a few books and more. I think you will be truly surprised by the encouraging family time that comes out of them!

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games

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