I am 38 today.

I am proud of that fact.  Happy that another year in in the hopper and a new one is on the horizon.  I consider the fact that I made it through a grand achievement.  I don’t lie about my age.  And even though I may not wear it as well as I would like to, I’ll happily take it.  Every single year.

There are a lot of reasons that I should not be here.  Bad decisions made by those around me and bad decisions made by myself could have led down roads deemed unsavory and certainly unsafe.  But every time God gave me an angel or a path that led me out.  For just 38, I have used a lot of angels.  I am hoping that they reincarnate, to be honest, otherwise I am surely on the low side.

37 was a good year.  I kept all three daughters breathing and upright, a task you all know should be rewarded handsomely, and we moved.  To a house that will one day be our dream house but has already made our dreams come true.  We are out of the “suburbs”, surrounded by nature and trees and space.  Loving that our children can ride bikes, play outside all day long, and never be bored.  It is the life we wanted for them, even if all of the paneling in the house makes me want to vomit.

37 is the year that I really became overwhelmed as a Mom.  With Megan learning to sit, then crawl, then walk, and now run, I truly have 3 little humans to watch, chase, clean up after, and keep safe.  And teach. And bathe. And feed.  And love.  It is a lot of work.  But work I love and can really be proud of.

37 was the year I created this blog.  A blog that I am truly thrilled with.  Empowered by.  Humbled by.  It may be loved by some and disliked by others but I am doing it.  Making a small dream to write for people come true. Bad grammar, spelling errors, and all.  It is where I laugh, cry, and scream.  It is where I meet people that are important, special, and wonderful.  And for just that, I am thankful.

I welcome 38, not as the jet setting stock broker I had originally planned.  I welcome it as a tired, slightly plump, messy haired, unshaven legs mother and wife.  A clueless about fashion, up to date on every Disney princess, and proud owner of two out three of my daughters that can actually make it to the potty – most of the time.

Tonight my husband asked me how it felt to be 28.  I said, no sir.  I am 38.  And I wear every day, every week, and every hard earned year with pride!  Because if I didn’t, that would mean that some years didn’t count.  And, to be where I am, surrounded by 3 beautiful daughters, a loving husband, and family and friends that love me, I need to count them all.  The good, the bad, the past.

So, come on 38, give me all you’ve got.  I’ll take it in the gut, take one for the team, and earn my stripes.  I’ll laugh, dance, celebrate, and love.  But I will never look back.  Because only the future holds what is in store for me!