It is hard for me to put into words what you have meant to me,

Run by an amateur, you supported many platform and hosting changes and then blossomed into something that I can truly be proud of.   Your patience and resilience providing the true platform I needed to grow.

You have introduced me to people I cherish, shown me who is a true friend, and restored my faith in strangers helping strangers.

You have been my place to laugh, cry, worry, yell, and have complete emotional meltdowns.  And you have been invaluable for support from those who take time out of their busy days to read you.

You capture every misspelling, grammatical error, run on sentence and fragmented one.   You break links that I mistype, even days after they were posted, and remind me that I am human every step of the way.

Without you, my blog, and without those that read you, I would be traveling this road of parenthood alone.  It would be scared and uneducated and frustrated with my lack of skills.

I lay me heart out in words, ask that they be understood as they were intended, and leave them there for all to see.  I alienate, I celebrate, and I radiate a passion for things that mean the most to me.

So, Happy 1st Birthday  Thank you for the lessons, the friendships, the opportunities, and the support.

You make me want to be a better everything… if only so I can post it on you!